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The Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale has almost come to her end! This sale offers the very best packages selling from the greatest cow families around the WORLD! This sale offers: FEMALE Beemer of the 2-Yr Old Champion NRM '19, RSN-Show '19, HHH '18 & Wanneperveen '18: CHARITY 138 VG-89-NL 2yr., Frazzled from Vogue Silver Bikini VG-85-USA VG-87-MS - the family of GOLDWYN, FEMALE Warrior-Red from the one of the hottest R&W PTAT females with +3.17 PTAT, Mixed VALUE & DIESEL from a top gNVI heifer with +360 NVI / +111 Type, Sidekick from the Grand Champion HHH '14 & '15: Marie 356 EX-92, MASTER embryos from ARISTOCRAT's dam ASHLEY VG-89-USA EX-MS and many herdbuilding packages starting at 75 EUR / embryo.

Auction closes TODAY, September 13, 2019 (21:00 / 09:00 p.m. - Dutch Time = CEST)

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Some examples of the packages selling:

FEMALE Croteau Lesperron UNIX x JK Eder DG Doorman Dance VG-87-NL 2yr. (~CLICK HERE~)

  • FEMALE UNIX x Doorman Dance x the full sister to DH GOLD CHIP DARLING EX-95-CH
  • Darling was  SUPREME Champion Swiss Expo '17 & GRAND CHAMPION Expo Bulle '18!

FEMALE Wilt EMILIO x Wilt Chill Arina (~CLICK HERE~)

  • Amazing heifer sired by CHILL heifer straight out 5 EXCELLENT dams!
  • Family from the same herd as Gourmande - 1st place European Show Libramont 2019

FEMALE Pol Butte Mc BEEMER x Giessen Charity 138 VG-89-NL 2yr. (MAX) (~CLICK HERE~)

  • The 2-Yr Old Champion National NRM 2019, RSN-Show 2019, HHH-Show 218, Wanneperveen 2018!
  • Huge family tracing back to one of the most successfull show cows: Brookview Tony Charity EX-97!!

Mixed: Denovo 14685 VALUE / Ocd Pinnacle DIESEL x Zandenburg Imax Camilla (~CLICK HERE~)

  • Mixed flush by Denovo 14685 VALUE (+2816 GTPI / A2A2) & Ocd Pinnacle DIESEL (+2813 GTPI / +2.79 PTAT / +964 NM$)
  • Donor is the huge gNVI heifer: Zandenburg Imax Camilla // +360 NVI / +111 Type / +408 INET / +933 Lifetime / +2008 Milk

Melarry Josuper FRAZZLED x Vogue Silver Bikini VG-85-USA VG-87-MS (~CLICK HERE~)

  • The former top 10 gPFT heifer and one of the highest SILVER dtrs of her age!
  • Same maternal line as Brewmaster & Boulder
  • Same family as the legendary GOLDWYN

Golden-Oaks MASTER x Al-Lew Monterey Ashley VG-89-USA EX-MS (~CLICK HERE~)

  • UNIQUE opportunity to make a sister to Mr. Frazzled ARISTOCRAT (+2800 PTAT & +2.67 PTAT)
  • Ashley is the only cow in the breed combining: >2560 gTPI & +3.60 PTAT!!
  • From the incredible Durham Annabell cow family with 8 generations EXCELLENT dams!

Walnutlawn SIDEKICK x Marie 356 EX-92-NL EX-93-MS (~CLICK HERE~)

  • WOW! Embryos of the Grand Champion HHH-Show '14 & '15: Marie 356 EX-92-NL EX-93-MS
  • Marie is one of the most successful Dutch show cow and won multiple titles like:
    - Grand Champion National HHH-Show 2014 & 2015
    - Grand Champion & Senior Champion RSN-Show 2019
    - Grand Champion Wintershow Pesse '13
    - Grand Champion & Senior Champion Winteravondshow Zuidwesthoek 2017

FEMALE Mr Blondin WARRIOR-RED x Lakeside Ups Aaralyn-Red (~CLICK HERE~)

  • WARRIOR-RED embryos: +4.20 PTAT / Avalanche *RC son / 3rd dam: Rockymountain Gold Winter EX-94
  • Lakeside Ups Aaralyn-Red is one of the hottest PTAT R&W donors of the moment with +3.17 PTAT
  • Huge PA of +3.69 PTAT in these embryos!

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