First part with pictures VENTE La Brasserie Holstein Sale 2022!

The first part of the photos of the great heifers selling in the VENTE La Brasserie Holstein 2022 are ONLINE! Direct daughters of cows like: Miss Apple Snapple-Red EX-96-USA, Apple PTS Aysha-Red VG-89-CAN, Meadow Green Absolute Fanny EX-96-USA, Lovhill Goldwyn Katrysha EX-96-USA, Knonaudale Jasmine EX-96-CAN, MS Dancer Red VG-86-FR 2yr., & Jacobs McCutchen Britt VG-87-CAN 3yr. will be for sale! Don't miss this sale taking place on August 12, 2022 on the Geac de La Douettee farm in Breal sous Montfort. You can also follow the sale online through FARMERSBID.

La Brasserie Holstein 2022
Friday August the 12th, 2022
Bréal Sous Montfort, France
Follow the sale online through Farmersbid - CLICK HERE

Catalogue en ligne / Online Catalogue: Click here


Lot 2. Kingsway LB Snapple Red

Lot 3. Triple-T LB Fanya Red


Lot 4. Milksource LB Kakuta

Lot 7. Weeberlac LB Tickles Red


Lot 8. Kingsway LB Jasmine


Lot 9. Kingsway LB Jasmina


Lot 10. Idee LB Lucia


Lot 31. Milksource LB Snap *RC

Lot 34. Perle Bliz


Lot 40. JB Toullex Tactile


Lot 43. Anika RYP

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La Brasserie Holstein
La Douettée
Bréal-sous-Montfort, France

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