First testing Imax dtr of Sabine in index top charts!

De Volmer Sabine is the former #1 GTPI heifer in Europa and is currently still on the 6th position in the European GTPI heifer (>9 months old) list with GTPI +2757. Her first testing progeny came back with indexes, from which her Imax daughter DG DV Sabia is the current #3 GTPI Imax daughter in Europe with her preliminary index of 7/18 GTPI +2791 / NM $ 914 - she has an incredible combination between total index and type traits with +2.59 PTAT and almost 3 points on her UDC (udder-index). 



DG DV SABIA      |     Prelim. 7/18 index
(Pedigree:   Imax x De Volmer Sabine - Click here)
Prod.   +1177 Milk / +0.16% Fat / +0.06% Protein - Feed Efficiency: 186
Fitness  +7.4 PL / SCS 2.74 / SCE 6.1 
Conformation  UDC +2.82 / FLC +2.14 / PTAT +2.59
Total index   GTPI +2791 / NM $ 914

4. dam:  Layds-Manor Ruby D Shawn EX-90-USA EX-MS GMD DOM



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