Föskes Erin new interesting donor at Hurkmans ET

Föskes Erin is the very interesting new addition in the donor portfolio of Hurkmans ET - she has the complete package, she is A2A2, high RZG (+155) and >300 gNVI in the Dutch system. Erin comes from the all-round cow family of UFM-Dubs Eroy, a family which has proved themself with multiple proven sires and high ranking donors in many different index system around the World. Erin will be in IVF program soon to fulfil her contracts and is available for more contracts.



Föskes Erin     (PEDIGREE)
(Balu x Commander x VG-86 2yr. Mayfield x VG-CAN 2yr. Garrett x Nova-TMJ Golden Edie VG-87-USA 2yr.) 

  • * Very interesting Balu dtr
  • * She is Beta-Casine A2A2!!
  • * RZG 155 and >300 gNVI!
  • * From the very successful UFM-Dubs Eroy cow family
  • * Same family as successful sires Tarzan, Shockwave and multiple others!


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