German Masters Sale 2018 >> CATALOGUE ONLINE!

A not to miss event for any breeder in Europe: the 5th GERMAN MASTERS SALE 2018 which will take place on Friday, the 19. of October 2018, this year for the first time on it's new location the brand new RUW Auktionshalle in Fließem, Germany, only 5 minutes from the old location in Bitburg. The catalogue is NOW ONLINE on the German Masters Sale website, where you can also order your FREE catalogue by post! Click further for more information. 


Friday, October the 19th 2018 
Fließem, Germany

Some examples of lots in the GERMAN MASTERS SALE 2018: 
EXCELLENT *RC dtr straight out of Decrausaz Iron O'Kalibra EX-97-DE
  √ >25 FRESH cows of fantastic quality in all priceranges
  √ The 2nd highest GTPI heifer ever in a European sale: GTPI +2854
  √ The #8 NM calf in Europe / #1 GTPI & NM Frazzled dtr: Net Merit $ 996!!
  √ Homozygous POLLED heifer with 153 RZG and ready to flush
  √ The #1 daughter of the European Champion Galys -Vray EX-94-CH!!
  √ The #4 PTAT calf in Europe: PTAT +4.16 going back on Silvermaple Damion Camomile EX-95-USA
   √ The JUNIOR CHAMPION Jersey of the Swiss Expo '17 sells FRESH!
   √ GTPI +2824 Big Bubba x Delta
   √ #4 GTPI Fortune dtr: GTPI +2782!
   √ Full sister to the #1 GTPI bull in Europe (GTPI +2915) Benz x Nadja!
   √ The #1 RZG bull in the WORLD: RZG 172
   √ The #2 RZG bull in the WORLD: RZG 169
   √ Many heifers >160 RZG!!!
   √ High type sister to the global sensation ARISTOCRAT
   √ 1st choice from All-Canadian Lizette which has >10 progeny >4 PTAT til date!
   √ 2 Brown Swiss heifers going back on the legendary Snickerdoodle
   √ Many INCREDIBLE show heifers
   √ These and MUCH more are selling on Friday, 19. October 2018 - www.germanmasterssale.com 



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