German Masters Sale 2022 in the wings! CONSIGN NOW!

One of the greatest LIVE sales on the European auction agenda will take place on Friday, the 21th of October 2022: THE GERMAN MASTERS SALE! The list of early consignments is extraordinary with for example direct dtrs from Comestar Doorman O'Katrysha EX-93-CH La3. (Junior Champion European Show & Res. Int. Champion Swiss Expo), Knonaudale Goldwyn Jasmine EX-96-CAN EX-97-MS, Weeksdale Absolute Vodka EX-95-CAN, Thomi's Awesome Frosty EX-93-CH EX-94-MS and others! CONSIGN your very best as soon as possible for the German Masters Sale 2022, again as a LIVE SALE! 

Friday, October the 21th 2022
CONSIGN your very best now, through the contact persons mentioned in the flyer.

Nosbisch Holsteins    +49 (0)1714368388      nici_nosbisch@web.de
Torben Melbaum         +49 (0)17661303019    tm@bullseyegenetics.de
Eurogenes                   +31 (0)643985150        avdvlis@eurogenes.nl
Eurogenes                   +31 (0)652897333        escholten@eurogenes.nl
Eurogenes                   +31 (0)625566674        luineken@eurogenes.nl
RUW                             +49 (0)1725353691      umueller@ruweg.de

Stantons CHIEF dtr of Comestar Doorman O'Katrysha EX-93-CH La3.


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