German RZG index rankings bulls December

It's index day! The new #1 RZG bull in Germany is Braveness, a Bandares son from Sandy-Valley Itspossible with 165 RZG, owned by the RUW. Wilder Holsteins is the breeder of the #2 RZG bull in Germany, Wilder Hotspot P, which is also the #1 RZG Polled bull in the breed: RZG 163, he is on the tied 2nd place with an early son of DG Charley: Riethil Summerlake (RZG 163), bred by Riethil Holsteins. Balisto keeps his #1 position on the interbull ranking for daughter proven sires with RZG 160, followed by Rookie, Mayflower, Reflector & Josuper. Click further for all rankings. 






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