Great classification day at Willem’s-Hoeve!

It was an exciting day last week at Willem’s-Hoeve, 16 black and 1 red 2yr old  were good for averaging 85.3 points for their total score! Two of them had the high score of VG-88, this was for Icone daughter Willem’s-Hoeve Rita 6120 and for a McCutchen daughter Willem’s-Hoeve Rita 1497.

The well known Sanchez daughter Willem’s-Hoeve Rita 579 EX-91-NL, had 3 Atwood daughters in classification that day. They averaged 86 points for their total score, highest of them was Willem’s-Hoeve Rita 1457 with VG-87. Most of all the 2yr olds that were classified that day were out of different branches from the Rita family.

It was a special day for Willem’s-Hoeve Rita 1263, the second calf Bradnick daughter out of the well known Cricket daughter Willem’s-Hoeve Rita 670 EX-91-NL. She was classified with VG-89-NL, it turned out to be the MAX score for her because she was 3.07 that day!!

Check out the classification results below.

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