Great classification for Roccafarm Holsteins!

Last week it was an exciting new classification round for Roccafarm Holsteins. Several 2yr. Olds scored VG-85 or higher and 15 cows scored VG-87 or more. The new EXCELLENT of the day was Roccafarm Acolade Pp EX-90-BE an Colt 45 Red and Polled daughter in her 3rd lactation. Another highlight was Rocca-DG Uno Breya she scored VG-89-BE in her 5th lactation and traces back to Regancrest-PR Barbie EX-92-USA. Also the Applejax sister to the popular dtr proven R&W bull ESTIEN-RED @ Ascol scored VG-88-BE in her 4th lactation.

Highlights @ Roccafarm Holsteins:
Roccafarm Colt 45 Acolade Pp EX-90-BE La3
Rocca-DG Uno Breya VG-89-BE La5 
Roccafarm Damion Hillary VG-89-BE La8
Roccafarm Archrival Dove VG-88-BE 2yr. (MAX) (PEDIGREE)
Roccafarm Rubicon Brubica VG-88-BE La2
Roccafarm Silver Silverware VG-88-BE La2
Roccafarm Megasire Bremega VG-88-BE La2
Roccafarm Paradise Kyladise VG-88-BE La3
Rocca DG Applejax Enny VG-88-BE La4 (PEDIGREE) maternal sister ESTIEN Red @Ascol
Roccafarm Draco Braconne VG-87-BE 2yr.
Roccafarm Denver Banvea VG-87-BE 2yr.
Roccafarm Nirvana Bravana VG-BE 2yr.

Rocca-DG Uno Breya VG-89-BE (s. Numero Uno) (PEDIGREE)

Roccafarm Damion Hillary VG-89-BE (PEDIGREE)

ESTIEN-RED @ Ascol (+2074 gTPI)


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