Great classification round at Kedar Brown Swiss: EX-90 average!!

At the beginning of 2023 visited the classifier Kedar Brown Swiss in the United Kingdom! It was a great classification round which resulted in an impressive herdaverage of EX-90 included the 2yr. olds!! One of the highlights during this last classification round is Kedar Nescardo Snickliscious, she is classified with EX-94-UK with EX-95 for her great Mammary System! She is a Nescardo daughter out of Kedar Snickerdee EX-92-UK out of Old Mill Starbuck Spottie EX-94-USA! Kedar Nescardo Snickliscious EX-94-UK is from the same family as Kedar Blooming Snickers EX-90-DE! Out of Snickers EX-90-DE are now embryos selling in the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale! Another highlight is Kedar Rhapsadapsadiddlydoo, she is a Blooming daughter, classified with EX-92-UK with EX-90 for her Mammary System out of the Grand Champion UK Dairy Expo 2019, Res. Interbreed & Grand Champion UK Dairy Expo '18: Kedar Calvin Rhapsody EX-95-UK!

Great highlights of the classification round at Kedar Brown Swiss:
- Kedar Wonderment Jolie EX-94-UK (Wonderment x EX-92 Glenn X EX-91 Denver x EX-95 Starbuck Jola)
- Kedar Nescardo Snickliscious EX-94-UK (Nescardo x EX-92 Blooming X EX94 Spottie x Snickerdoodle)
- Kedar Virestar Jodie EX-92 (Virestar x EX-94 Wonderment Jolie)
- Kedar Rhapsadapsadiddlydoo EX-92-UK (Blooming x EX-95 Rhapsody X EX-93 TD)
- Kedar Blooming Snickers in a twist EX-91-UK (Blooming x EX-91 Jongleur x VG-88 Vigor x EX-92 Zeus x EX Primetime x Snickerdoodle)
- Kedar TD Cherry Pie EX-90-UK (EX-97 Calvin Sanchia x EX-94 Spottie x EX-94 Snickerdoodle)
- Kedar TD Snowballs EX-90-UK (EX-92 Blooming x EX-97 Calvin Sanchia)
- Kedar G Boy Hem Awesome EX-90-UK (Genox-boy x EX-94 Faust x EX-96 Vigor x EX-94 Becks x VG-88 Simgate)

Kedar Nescardo Snickerliscious EX-94-UK EX-95-MS
Nescardo x Kedar Snickerdee EX-92-UK (s. Blooming) x Old Mill Starbuck Spottie EX-94-USA

Same family: Kedar Blooming Snickers EX-90-DE (PEDIGREE)
Blooming x Old Mill Starbuck Spottie EX-94-UK (s. Starbuck) x Old Mill E Snickerdoodle EX-94-USA

  • Grand daughter of the Brown Swiss LEGEND: Old Mill-E Snickerdoodle EX-94-USA
  • The 4th generation EXCELLENT in a row!!
  • Grand dam won 6x GRAND Champion @ Madison & 1x Supreme Champion
  • Dam is the HM. Grand Champion of the UK National Show '13
  • Spottie is the highest scored daughter of Snickerdoodle WORLD WIDE
  • Sister to G-Swiss Elite Glen Shakira VG-86-CH 2yr., topseller Swiss Sale '11 for CHF 15.000
  • Sister to Calvin Sanchia Maria VG-89 EX-MS, Grand Champion & Best Udder UK Dairy Day '16
  • Sold for € 8.000 in the German Master Sale '16

Kedar Virestar Jodie EX-92-UK EX-94-MS
Virestar x Kedar Wonderment Jolie EX-94-UK x GS Alliance Glenn Jady EX-92-SW

  • Reserve Grand Champion UK Dairy Expo 2019

Kedar Rhapsodapsydiddlydo EX-92-UK
Blooming x Kedar Rhapsody EX-95-UK (s. Calvin) x Kedar TD Reia EX-93-UK (s. Ridge)

  • Reserve Champion Brown Swiss, Agriscot 2022

Her dam: Kedar Calvin Rhapsody EX-95-UK (PEDIGREE)
Calvin x Kedar TD Reia EX-93-UK x Kedar Becks Reia EX-91-UK

  • Grand Champion UK Dairy Expo 2019!
  • Reserve Interbreed & Grand Champion UK Dairy Expo 2018
  • Grand Champion UK Dairy Expo 2017
  • Res Grand Champion UK Dairy Expo 2016
  • Heifer Champion National Show 2016

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Kedar Brown Swiss
Beyond the Burn
Dumfries, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 7708513448
Email: jonnylochhead@btconnect.com

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