Gywer *RC the new #1 RZG bull in Germany!

It's index day today! Which brought in Germany a new #1 in the genomic interbull list. It's Gywer *RC, a Gymnast son with a RZG of +165. The second place is for Souncloud with a RZG of +164 followed by Garido and Bestday which have both a RZG of +162. Number 10 in the list is DG Eagle with +159 RZG, also Casino stays strong with +158 RZG at #15.

In the interbull daughter proven list is Mayflower the new #1 with +156 RZG and 7099 daughters. Balisto stays near by with +154 RZG and almost 11.000 daughters!

In the list of at least 500 milking daughters in Germany is Force the number 1 with +144 RZG! Followed by Mandela in the second position with +143 RZG. Boss shows again his strenght with +142 RZG at the third place.

Again there is a special place for Spark Red in the R&W genomic list, he is highest available genomic red and white bull in the world with +160 RZG! Spark Red is bred through the Genesland program and is a Salvatore x Debutant out of the Splendor Family! GP Salvini follows Spark in the list with +158 RZG before Summertime, a Styx son with +156 RZG. New in the top 5 is Jumbo-red a Livington son with +155 RZG.

In the daughter proven interbull R&W list Pat-Red made his debut with +143 RZG! This is 3 points higher then the #2 Apoll P!

The list with at least 500 milking daughters in Germany for R&W is leading by Snake Red with +135 RZG and 1866 daughters and the well-know R&W sire Julandy with +135 RZG and 2692 daughters. The second place is for Elwood, Coloredo-P & Red Mist they note +133 RZG.


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