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Heidenskipster Kingboy Susan

(Kingboy x Gerard x Shottle)

Top ranking PTAT cow!


Heidenskipster Holsteins
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Reg No.



May 5, 2015

Genomic Result

US 04/19 GTPI +2272 / NM $ 369 / PTAT +3.12 [ Details ]


  • #24 PTAT cow in Europe! 12/17
  • She combines >2300 GTPI & 3.24 PTAT as a 2yr. old! 12/17)
  • The finest of the Judy's!!!


Morningview Mcc KINGBOY
Heidenskipster Gerard Sabine
  • Dam to Heidenskipster Solo (s. Supersire) @ AI-Total
  • 4 dtrs > 2400 GTPI
Schillview Oman GERARD-ET
Heidenskipster Shottle Silver VG-87-NL VG-88-MS 2yr.
2.04 305d 11.846kgM 3.8% 455F 3.4% 401P
  • Jr. 2-Yr. Old Champion Regional Show Workum, the Netherlands
  • Very popular Shottle-daughter from the Judy family
Morningview Heidenskipster Aaron Jabber VG-85-NL 2yr.
2.04 305d 10.536kgM 3.8% 399F 3.5% 367P

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