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HH Rive Clasmy (A2A2)

(Riveting x King Royal x Rubicon)

Almost 2700 GTPI A2A2 Riveting daughter! (09/20)


Hazenpad Holsteins
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Reg No.



December 28, 2019

Genomic Result

US 08/21 GTPI +2705 / NM $ 785 / PTAT +1.06 [ Details ]


  • +2697 GTPI / +1.02 PTAT / +605 NET MERIT Riveting daughter from the CLASSY'S (09/20)
  • Beta Casein A2A2!! Great milk structure!
  • Top GTPI daughter of Dykster K&L KR Classica (09/20)
  • Full sister HH Rive Classy tests +2655 GTPI
  • Great-grand daughter of Classy 4672: dam to the former #1 bull in Spain!
  • Family tracing back to: Vir-Clar De Classy VG-88-USA GMD DOM!


Dykster K&L KR Classica
  • Great King Royal heifer with +2658 GTPI & +551 NM$ (08/20)
Plain-Knoll KING ROYAL
K&L RB Classy GP-83-NL 2yr.
2.03 305d 11.148kgM 4.3% 477F 3.5% 391P
  • Several brothers in A.I.!
  • Now milking 42kgM with high PROTEIN!
Koepon Oak Classy 4672 GP-83-NL 2yr.
2.08 305d 10.995kgM 4.2% 461F 3.5% 380P
3.09 305d 12.793kgM 4.0% 506F 3.3% 417P
  • Dam of K&L CV Clever (s. Chevalier), former #1 bull in Spain

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6th Koepon Classy VG-86-NL
7th Koepon Classy 1 VG-86-NL
8th Vir-Clar De Classy VG-88-USA GMD DOM
9th Vir-Clar Miss Rotate Concorde VG-89-USA
10th Vir-Clar De Wayne VG-88-USA
11th Vir-Clar Elevation Desiree VG-85-USA
12th Vir-Clar Ivanhoe Dandy VG-85-USA

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