HI-Plus: nominations Dutch Cow of the Year!

In the April 2024 edition of the Holstein International Plus it is time for another round of the Dutch Cow of the Year election. Several great transmitting cows were nominated for this competition, with 6 cows owned or delivered by Diamond Genetics! For example: Broeks Madibet, the dam to Veelhorst DG Casino @VOST, the nr. 1 most used bull in Germany in 2023, De Oosterhof DG Rubellia *RC VG-86-NL 2yr., the dam to the #1 daughter proven R&W sire: Rubels-Red and great granddam to DG Alvin *RC (s. Lambeau) at +2952 GTPI / +2.83 PTAT), DG OH Donna *RC VG-89-NL, the dam to DG OH Topstone, the #1 daughter proven B&W RZG sire and to DG OH Doble *RC, Hul-Stein Stylish P *RC, grand dam to Delta Primetime PP Red, the former #1 gNVI R&W sire and close family member to Delta Steam PP Red and more! Or Lakeside Ups Red Range Red VG-86-NL 2yr., the dam to the former #1 R&W GTPI sire: Ranger-Red @Semex. Red Range VG-86-NL 2yr. is bred by Lakeside  Holsteins and sold through Diamond Genetics to Koepon Genetics. 


Want to know more about the other nominated Dutch cows? Click here to order a free trail of the Holstein International Plus.


Broeks Madibet - Owned by Diamond Genetics & Veelhorst Holsteins
Mardi Gras x Broeks Plabet VG-88-NL (s. Planet) x Broeks Betty VG-88-NL (s. Snowman)

  • Dam to Veelhorst DG Casino @ VOST

De Oosterhof DG Rubellia *RC VG-86-NL 
Rubicon x De Oosterhof DG Elasniai *RC (s. Aikman *RC) x Rainyridge RZH Planet Elaine VG-88-USA (s. Planet)

  • Dam to Rubels-Red (s. Argo *RC) - Rubels-Red is sire to Ranger-Red @ Semex

DG OH Donna *RC VG-89-NL 
Rubicon x Telgter Aikman Doreen *RC GP-83-NL (s. Aikman) x Holbra Manoa VG-85-NL 2yr. (s. Oman)

  • Dam to DG OH Topstone, DG OH Doble *RC and more!

Hul-Stein Stylish P *RC 
Apoll P Red x PG De-Su Stylish (s. Balisto) x De-Su 1867 GP-83-USA 2yr. (s. Oman Just)

  • Grand dam to Delta Primetime PP and close family member to Delta Steam PP-Red, Delta Marsrover PP Red and Hul-Stein Mozart PP *RC

Lakeside Ups Red Range VG-86-NL 2yr.
Salvatore *RC x De Oosterhof DG Rose *RC VG-89-NL 5yr. (s. Rubicon) x Telgter Aikman Doreen *RC GP-83-NL 2yr.

  • Dam to Ranger-Red @ Semex, Ryder-Red, Relax-Red and many more!

Schreur Sunny *RC
Rubicon x Ms Sunview Coin Sunglow *RC GP-83-USA (s. Cashcoin) x Dymentholm Sunview Sunday *RC VG-87-USA (s. Snowman)

  • From the influencial Glen-Drummond Splendor cow family
  • Dam to Scheur Shimmer *RC


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