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Hokovit Redflower PP

(Soccer Ball P x Atwork *RC x Colt 45 P Red)

Homozygote POLLED with +1434 ISET! (12/18)


Hokovit Genetics
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August 18, 2017


  • +1434 ISET and ready for the flush programs!
  • Currently in program with Solitar P
  • Pregnancies by Vogue Never Again PP
  • Full brother in A.I. with +2617 Milk in his index!
  • Dam is sister to Majoric Brescia: Res. Junior Champion Expo Bulle 2017
  • Grand dam is sold for € 55.000 as a young heifer in the Holland Master Sale '12
  • Same family as Gold Chip, Capital Gain, Cashcoin and more!


HokovitAtred GP-CH 2yr.
1.10 305d 8.111kgM 4.3% 351F 3.3% 268P
Willsbro ATWORK *RC
RZH Brescia-P-Red VG-88-NL 5yr.
2.04 305d 8.943kgM 3.8% 337F 3.5% 309P
715d 16.593kgM 3.9% 645F 3.6% 597P
La2 (Proj) 305d 11.577kgM 4.4%F 3.5%P
  • Jr. Champion Heifer Summer Show Beilen '13
  • 2nd Nat. HHH Show '13 (Black & White class) - 1st R&W!
  • Sold for € 55.000 as a young heifer in the Holland Master Sale '12
  • Full sister is dam to Calbrett Blueprint PP @ Semex
Sandy-Valley COLT P-Red
Lookout Pesce A Brava *RC VG-88-CAN 4yr.
2.01 365d 13.179kgM 4.3% 570F 3.2% 421P
  • 1 EXCELLENT & 7 VG dtrs in Canada til date

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