Huge consignments Reinermann @ OHG Top Genetic Sale

Zuchtbetrieb Reinermann has offered some very exciting lots for the OHG Top Genetic Sale. Taking place next weekend in Osnabrück, Germany during the Schwarzbunttagen. Including are several offsprings from the Germany cow of the year 2018 & sister to phenomenal SNOWMAN: RR Shottle Elisa EX-90-DE. Also a Benz daughter with +157 RZG from the Heaven family and another Benz daughter with +163 RZG (highest RZG heifer at the auction) from the home-bred Shottle Rieka family with 11 generations VG or EXCELLENT dams are selling! 

RR Shottle Elisa EX-90-DE (PEDIGREE)
EX-90 Shottle x Broeks MBM Elsa EX-90 (s. Marshall) x Ever-Green-View Elsa VG-89 (s. Aaron) x EX-92 x EX-90 x EX-91
La2 305d 17.604kgM 4.1% 727F 3.5% 615P
4/4La 305d 16.105kgM 4.0% 637F 3.4% 554P
5/5La 305d 15.684kgM 4.0% 619F 3.4% 533P

  • Germany COW OF THE YEAR 2018!!
  • Huge transmitter with several sons in A.I including: Pagini, Omanoman, Sunday, Dalton, Boboy, Baxbody & many more!
  • Also great daughters Maxim Eluisa, Bookem Elise and Mogul Emily!
  • One of the best sisters of SNOWMAN
  • Produced >100.000kgM in 5 lacations!!!
  • Dam is dam to SNOWMAN and Holstein International's Cow of the Year!
  • Grand dam sold for $ 100.000

Offers Zuchtbetrieb Reinermann:

Lot 3 RR Enya

Lot 4 RR Emma

Lot 17 RR Rising Star

Lot 19 RR Esprit

Lot 22 RR Eternity

Lot 28 RR Hypnotic

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