In the spotlights: OH Imax Glory & Broeklander Joan 78

In the newest intermediate run of November 2018 we find two interesting heifers! De Oosterhof Imax Glory came out with a whopping of score +2810 gTPI and Broeklander Joan 78 (s. Kennedy) with +2797 gTPI! Imax Glory comes from a exclusive family in Europe: the Brigeen Aer Gwyneth EX-93-USA family! She notes >2800 gTPI in combination with 952 Net Merit and >2.0 UDC! Her dam is the former #2 Denver in Europe & former top 25 gTPI in Europe. This family already deliverd the sires Engage and Glamour @ Jetstream. On the other side Broeklander Joan 78 is out of the NH Massey Queengirl VG-85-NL family! Queengirl her fist son sold for € 92.000! Joan her dam is a former high ranking Jedi dtr with still +2649 gTPI and +2.25 PTAT. Broeklander Joan 78 herself notes +2797 gTPI also in combination with >2.0 UDC! She also has huge health traits: 2.79 SCS / +3.7 DPR / +6.0 SCE. 

De Oosterhof Imax Glory (PEDIGREE) (picture: her dam Vekis Gorgeous)
Imax x Vekis Gorgeous (s. Denver) x IHG Tango GOR 55687 x Farnear-TBR-BH Gorgeous VG-85-USA x VG-88-USA x EX-90-USA x Brigeen Aer Gwyneth EX-93-USA 

  • Imax dtr with +2810 gTPI and +952 Net Merit!! (11/18)
  • +230 Feed Efficiency / +2.2 DPR and >2.0 UDC!! (11/18)
  • Huge production index: +1917 Milk & >100 pounds Fat! (11/18)
  • Exclusive family in Europe
  • Super transmitting and deep American cow family
  • Grand dam is sister to Engage & Glamour @ Jetstream Genetics


Broeklander Joan 78 (PEDIGREE) (picture: her grand dam DG Bomb Queengirl VG-85 2yr.)
Kennedy x Broeklander Jedi Queengirl x DG Bomb Queengirl VG-85-NL (s. Bombero) x NH Massey Queengirl VG-85-NL x VG-DE x VG-87-DE x VG-87-DE x New Farm Aaron Quantita EX-91-IT x EX-90-IT

  • Almost 2800 gTPI combining with >2.0 UDC! (11/18)
  • Huge health traits: 2.79 SCS / +3.7 DPR / +6.0 SCE (11/18)
  • Great bloodlines: Kennedy x Jedi x Bombero x Massey x Beacon
  • Grand dam her brother sold for € 92.000 as a first choice
  • Same family as Boateng, Borsati & Colobiano, former #1 proven bull in Italy
  • Goes back to the former #1 PFT cow, Quantita EX-91-IT

Learn more about De Oosterhof Holsteins - view their Eurogenes profile
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De Oosterhof Holsteins
Beldsweg 12
Ambt Delden, Netherlands
7495 PJ
Phone: +31 (0)631047874
Email: willem@deoosterhof.nl

Learn more about Broeklander Holsteins - view their Eurogenes profile
To contact Broeklander Holsteins, click here or use the following contact information.

Broeklander Holsteins
Zuiderzeestraatweg 198
Oldebroek, Netherlands
8096 CG
Phone: +31 (0)6 50637754
Email: famhboeve@outlook.com

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