Interesting new sires in the US system

The new chart topper in the US system with NAAB-code is Genosource John-ETN breaking the 3000 GTPI at +3162 GTPI. In second follows his full brother Genosource Jack-ETN at +3162 GTPI and Genosource Captain at either +3162 GTPI. The new leader in the daughter proven GTPI list is the heavily used Hurtgenlea Richard Charl at +3050 GTPI, the first daughter proven bull to break 3000 GTPI!! For ahead in second follows Pine-Tree Burley at +2884 GTPI. Burley is followed by Achiever, Marius, Helix, Battle, King Doc and Medley. The #1 PTAT bull this index run is again Siemers Fitters Choice at +4.29 PTAT, he combines this extraordinary PTAT score with +2535 GTPI. Followed by Peak Hammer-ET(+4.26 PTAT) and Peak Highliner-ET (+4.21 PTAT). In the top RED CARRIER GTPI sire list we find again Aristocrat son Odessa-ET at the top at +2892 GTPI followed by his maternal brother by Herioc at +2891 GTPI. The R&W GTPI sire lists are leaded by Rubels-Red sons Ranger-Red (+2897 GTPI) and Rocky-Red (+2841 PTAT). Click further for the complete US-indexes.

All American bull indexes:

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