Kedar Big Star Shania, Big Star grand dtr to Snickerdoodle!

Kedar Brown Swiss has a new barn favorite with Kedar Big Star Shania. She is a fresh 2-Yr Old in the barn. With a pedigree with Bigstar out of Old Mill Starbuck Spottie EX-94-UK tracing back to the Queen of the Brown Swiss Breed: Old Mill E Snickerdoodle EX-94-USA. Her fancy daughter Lennox daughter is giving the owners already the next ultimate chils. Kedar Brown Swiss mentions: 'It is fantastic to see when show calves calve in with udders like this.' Shania was the classwinner at the All-Britain 2018 and Reserve Junior Champion UK Dairy Expo 2019.

Photo credits: Jessica Miller, Jane Steel, Kathy DeBruin ©

She is the full sister to:
Kedar Big Star Sienna VG (record price France/UK)
Kedar Big Star Shakira VG-86-UK 2yr.
Kedar Big Star Sinita EX-93-UK (Res. Interbreed RWS 2019)
Kedar Big Star Shirley EX-91-UK
Kedar Big Star T Swift VG-86-UK 2yr.
Kedar Big Star Stefani VG-86-UK 2yr.

Kedar Brown Swiss proofs again their motto: #weofferthebest #butcertainlyhappyshestayedhome

Kedar Big Star Shania
Big Star x Old Mill Starbuck Spottie EX-94-UK x Old Mill E Snickerdoodle EX-94-USA

Dam: Old Mill Starbuck Spottie EX-94-UK (PEDIGREE)
2.03 305d 8.404kgM 4.5% 377F 3.9% 326P
3.10 305d 9.814kgM 4.4% 431F 3.6% 354P
4.11 305d 10.514kgM 4.3% 456F 4.0% 424P

  • 1st Sr. Cow & HM. Grand UK National '13
  • Dam to Calvin Sanchia Maria VG-89 EX-MS, Grand Champion & Best Udder UK Dairy Day '16
  • Dam to G-Swiss Elite Glen Shakira VG-86-CH 2yr., topseller Swiss Sale '11 for CHF 15.000
  • Blooming daughter sold for EUR 8.000 in the German Masters Sale '16
  • Dam is the LEGEND: Snickerdoodle, 6x GRAND CHAMPION in Madison & 1x Supreme Champion
  • Spottie is the highest scored daughter of Snickerdoodle WORLD WIDE
  • Dam to Kedar Blooming Snickerdee VG-88 3yr., Starstruck (Classwinner Nat'l 15) and more
  • Dam to G'Swiss Elite Forsman Shyraz EX-92-CH

Grand dam: Old Mill E Snickerdoodle EX-94-USA
2.01 310d 18.630kgL 4.3% 807F 3.6% 675P
3.02 365d 10.387kgM 4.6% 474F 3.4% 357P
4.08 365d 14.148kgM 4.5% 633F 3.5% 497P
6.09 365d 15.236kgM 4.2% 643F 3.6% 541P

  • Supreme Champion WDE '03 / 6 x Grand Champion World Dairy Expo!
  • Supreme Champion PA All-American '08 & '09
  • Unanimous All-American 4-Yr. Old '03 / 4 All-American titles
  • Grand Champion Centraion National '03, '04 '05 '06 '08 & '09

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Kedar Brown Swiss
Beyond the Burn
Dumfries, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 7708513448
Email: jonnylochhead@btconnect.com

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