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Koepon S P Regenia 268 VG-88-NL 2yr

(Spark-Red x Mission P x Balisto)

VG-88 2yr. old Spark-Red daughter from the Regina's EX-92-USA


Joannes & Willeke van der Weij
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Reg No.



May 1, 2019


VG-88-NL 2yr.

Genomic Result

US 04/22 GTPI +2446 / NM $ 371 / PTAT +1.67 [ Details ]
CA 04/22 Conf. +8


  • Here she is! An amazing Spark-Red daughter classified with VG-88-NL with VG-88 Mammary System!
  • >> RED CARRIER <<
  • 3rd dam was one of the highest GTPI Balisto daughters in Europe and dam to the bull AltaDustman
  • She scores good in her Canadian index: +8 Conformation with +1208kgM! (04/22)
  • 5th dam is dam to AltaRamon, Koepon Regal and others
  • Same family as the bulls Mr Sam, Mr Samuelo, Socrates, Mr Shane & more
  • Goes back to the great brood cow Regan-Joy Durham Regina EX-92-USA


Koepon M P Regenia 244 P *RC VG-85-NL 2yr.
2.07 305d 11.296kgM 4.0% 453F 3.6% 405P
3.11 305d 12.376kgM 3.95% 487F 3.5% 436P
  • Just fresh and looks promising
  • One of the highest Polled Heifers in Germany!
  • She produced more than >11.000kgM every lactation!
Koepon Bal Regenia 156
2.08 305d 10.978kgM 4.1% 447F 3.6% 391P
3.09 305d 12.415kgM 4.0% 502F 3.6% 446P
5.00 305d 11.844kgM 4.3% 507F 3.5% 408P
  • One of the highest GTPI Balisto daughters in Europe (4/15)
  • Sister to AltaDustman @ Alta
  • HUGE production cow!!
De-Su 11236 BALISTO
Koepon Epc Regenia 109 EX-90-NL
2.00 305d 11.288kgM 3.4% 380F 3.4% 379P
3.04 305d 10.942kgM 4.1% 447F 3.7% 402P
4.05 305d 13.618kgM 4.1% 553F 3.4% 464P
  • Projected > 11.000kg Milk!
  • Very promising Epic daughter classified with EX-90-NL
  • First son went to AI: AltaDustman

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