Magictouch close to 2800 gTPI for Hazenpad Holsteins!

The #2 Magictouch in Europe is owned by Hazenpad Holsteins and her name is one to remember:  HH Magic Iowa. She is a daughter of View-Home Meridian Iowa VG-86-USA, who is the highest milking daughter of Pine-Tree 2149 Robust VG-87-USA and has many offspring sold for >100.000 dollars! Meridian Iowa is a maternal sister to the popular bulls: Monterey, Powerball-P, Missouri and many others.  This family traces back to the brood cow Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy EX-92-USA! HH Magic Iowa self tests +2778 gTPI in a unique combination of +2.71 PTAT! She could be yours, because she sells at the German Masters Sale, Octobert the 19th in Fliessem, Germany.

Her dam: View-Home Meridian Iowa VG-86-USA
(VG-86 Meridian x Pine-Tree 2149 Robust 4846 VG-87-USA DOM x Pine-Tree Zenith Sheen VG-87 x Pine-Tree Martha Sheen VG-86 x Pine-Tree Missy Martha VG-86 x Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy EX-92-USA 3E GMD DOM)

  • Her Modesty daughters sold for $162,500 and $132,500!
  • Highest gTPI milking daughter of Pine-Tree Robust 4846 VG-87-USA
  • Maternal sister to: Monterey, Powerball-P, Missouri and many others!

Her gTPI index:

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Hazenpad Holsteins
Gremelsloweg 44
Maaseik, Belgium
Phone: +32 (0)496 273887
Email: jackie.vanminsel@telenet.be

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