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Mox Debonair Marmara VG-89-DE 3yr.

(Debonair x Kite)

Straight from the leading R&W brood cow Maryrose


Mox Holsteins
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October 27, 2009

Production Records

La11/11 305d 8.139kgM 3.6% 292F 3.6% 296P
La3/3 305d 10.676kgM 3.9% 415F 3.4% 359P
HL3 305d 12.052kgM 4.1% 497F 3.25% 392P


90 90 90 88 / VG-89-DE 3yr.


  • Direct daughter from the leading R&W brood cow Mox Kite Maryrose EX-90-SW
  • Maternal sister to Mox Mandy Red EX-93-CH, Res. Jr. Champion Expo Bulle '10
  • Maternal sister to Ruegruet Joyboy Minneapolis EX-91-CH, Int. Champion Swiss Expo & Expo Bulle
  • Dam was top seller at the Mox Sale 2010 for €30.400!
  • Dam was Grand Champion Swiss Expo '08 & Res. Int. Champion R&W German Open '08
  • From the great La Presentation Cow family which produced bulls like Bonair, Denzel & Windows


Scientific DEBONAIR Red
Mox Kite Maryrose EX-90-CH
La1 305d 10.137kgM 5.0% 509F 3.7% 377P
La2 305d 12.105kgM 4.9% 590F 3.4% 412P
  • Top seller Mox Sale 2008 for €30.400!!
  • 1 Rang & HM Grand Champion Swiss Expo Lausanne 2008
  • 1 Rang & Res. Int. Champion R&W German Open 2008
  • All German Holstein Champion Red Heifers & 1 Rang Jr. Bull Expo 2008
Markwell KITE-ET
Birkenhof Rubens Mabel-Red EX-93-DE
La2 305d 13.225kgM 3.4% 444F 3.2% 430P
La3 305d 10.923kgM 3.7% 402F 3.4% 369P
  • Res. Champion Steiermarkschau 2008
  • Res. Grand Champion R&W German Open 2004
  • All- German 2004
  • 3rd Rang European Championship Show 2006
WFD Mercedes VG-88-DE
La1 305d 10.340kgM 3.5% 358F 3.3% 345P
La2 305d 11.890kgM 3.6% 431F 3.5% 417P

Next Dams

4th La Présentation Memo Et Red VG-86-DE
5th De La Presentation Mary VG-86-CAN 4*
6th De La Presentation Onelle VG-86-CAN 13*
7th De La Presentation Lyne VG-CAN
8th De La Presentation Valentine VG-CAN

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