Mr. Frazzled ARISTOCRAT: GTPI +2921 / NM $ 1001 / PTAT +2.65!!

Mr. Frazzled ARISTOCRAT came back as one of the most exciting new bulls in the breed yesterday, he is the #13 GTPI bull in the breed and the ONLY bull World Wide who combines >2900 GTPI with >1000 Net Merit and >2.65 PTAT. Aristcrat is the bull where all good parts of both sides of the pedigree come together, with a high production (+1818 Milk / +0.08%F / +0.03%P), super fitness (SCS 2.70 / PL +9.7 / DPR +2.5 / SCE 6.6) and a super type proof (PTAT +2.65 / UDC +2.79 - sloped rumps). Aristocrat is bred by a partnership between Diamond Genetics, Nosbisch Holsteins, Eclipse Holsteins, A. v.d. Vlis & T. Mercuro, his dam Al-Lew Monterey Ashley is one of the highest GTPI / PTAT combination donors in the breed and has 7 Excellent generations in her pedigree going back on GBM Val Blackstar Jean EX-94-USA 3E GMD DOM. 


Index Mr. Frazzled Aristocrat
Pedigree: Frazzled x Al-Lew Monterey Ashley 1346 - Pedigree

Production:   +1818 Milk / +0.08% Fat / +0.03% Protein
Fitness: SCS 2.70 / PL +9.7 / DPR +2.5 / Liv. +2.6 / SCE 6.6
Type: UDC +2.79 / FLC +1.54 / Rump Angel +0.10 / PTAT +2.65
Total indexes:  Cheese Merit $ 1025 / Net Merit $ 1001 / GTPI +2921
    * The #13 GTPI bull in the World
    * The only bull in the breed combining: >2900 GTPI / >1000 Net Merit / >2.6 PTAT!!

His dam: Al-Lew Monterey Ashley 1346    (PEDIGREE)
(Monterey x VG-88-USA Mogul x EX-90-USA 3yr. Domain x VG-86-USA Shottle x EX-90-USA 3yr. Durham x EX-93-USA 2E Charles x EX-94-USA 3E Blackstar x EX-92-USA 2E Valiant x EX-92-USA 2E x EX-90-USA 2E
      * The ONLY heifer in the breed combining >2650 GTPI / >3.6 PTAT / >1000 Milk / >1 DPR 
      * Dam of one of the most exciting new bulls: ARISTOCRAT!!
      * Her huge gPFT Charley son sold to an Italian AI station
      * Her Charley dtr is the #2 GTPI Charley dtr in Europe: GTPI +2749 (sells in the German Masters Sale '17)
      * Her Charley dtr is the #3 gPFT heifer in the Italian foreign ranking: gPFT +4346)
      * 7 EXCELLENT generations in her pedigree!!
      * Exciting family which is still very exclusive in the Holstein breed

Ashley's 2nd, 3rd & 4th dam:  Amazon EX-90-USA, America VG-86-USA and Annabell EX-90-USA 3yr. 


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