MS Apples Uno Armana spreading the Apples through the world

The Uno daughter MS Apples Uno Armana EX-94-USA has always been in the eye of breed fanatics all over the world. Embryos from her already came to Europe as a heifer. This resulting in the AI Total bull Caps DG Apple Pie who is one of the best daughter proven Red & White GTPI bulls world wide available. In the US we see he two daughters MS AWESOME ATOMIC *RED EX-92-USA and MS PG PV DOORMAN ASPIRE EX-91-USA claiming the highest titles at the shows. The Awesome Red daughter Atomic RED was Grand Champion R&W at the NY State Show. The Doorman daughter Aspire EX-91-USA was Intermediate Champion and Res. Grand Champion at the Western National. In the Netherlands we fine a line through two Halogen daughters resulting in two very promising Acme grand daughters. At Nosbisch Holsteins we find several interesting animals from this line. Maybe Europe’s finest line is Heatherleigh Doorman Armana E sold trough the last Holland Masters Sale and now owned by the Kat/ Wijnker combination who was 2nd in her class at the last National HHH Show. Unfortunately she did never flush very well for her owners but she has a Red Moovin daughter with +3.27 PTAT and some interesting pregnancies on the way. 

Photo credits: Cowsmopolitan Inc.

MS Awesome Atomic-Red EX-92-USA - Grand Champion R&W NY State Show 2020
Awesome-Red x MS Apples Uno Armana EX-94-USA

Ms PG PV Doorman Aspire EX-91-USA - Int. & Res. Grand Champion Western National 2020
Doorman x MS Apples Uno Armana EX-94-USA

MS Apples Uno Armana EX-94-USA
Numero Uno x KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96-USA 4E DOM 28*

Olympian *RC x MS Apples Uno Armana EX-94-USA

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