New European Record: Carf Emeraude only cow alive with 6-EX dtrs

Carf Emeraude is working hard to put her food print on the European Continent. Being now the only cow alive to have six excellent daughters. These daughters are in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Belgium. Her most famous daughter today is JK DG Esmeralda EX-92 who was 6th in her class at the last European Show in Libramont. At the last National Show in the Netherlands there where three daughters showing for three different owners. This is the best promotion a cow can have.. the genetics doing well in different herds under different enrvirnments. Of course lots of credits to the breeders of this phenomonal cow the Cabon Family in France. Today the number of Excellent daughters is 6, there are several VG 2 year olds on the way so the number is not expected to stop at six. If you want to add good certain genetics that work to your herd please contact Jan Kolff at +31 6 53803396 (fluent in English and Dutch).  Currently embryos available by Chief, Mirand PP, Delta-Lamda, Unix and the golden cross: DOORMAN.

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JK Eder Holsteins
Oudendijk 75
Woudrichem, Netherlands
4285 WJ
Phone: +31 (0)183-301226
Email: jankolff@planet.nl

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