New leaders in the Swiss index!

Today, it's INDEX DAY! We start today with the first indexes coming in from Switzerland! The new leader in the Swiss chart is Progenesis Partner (s. Mahomes) at +1646 ISET. He is followed by Swissgen Lewitan at +1642 ISET and making the stage complete with 3star HWH Globe at +1631 ISET. Debuting as the #3 R&W ISET sire in this ranking is Trent-Way Baron-Red (s. Ranger-Red) @ AI-Total at +1559 ISET and +122 ITP! He is the #1 R&W ISET sire >115 Gliedmassen (F&L) and >100 Becken (Rump) and +1583 Milk / +0.39% Fat / +0.11% Protein / +121 Udders / +115 F&L / +122 ITP / +118 Fertility / +110 Calving Ease / +131 Productive Life. Leading in the Interbull daughter proven list is Wilra SSI Rivet Genuine at +1581 ISET, followed by S-S-I Hodedoe Montley at +1561 ISET and making the Top 3 complete with Larcrest Commitment at +1556 ISET! NH DG Arrow @ AI-Total maintains in the top of Switzerland, he is the #1 dtr proven ITP (TYPE) sire >113 Gliedmassen (F&L) and >0.07% PROTEIN! He is the #14 dtr proven ITP (Type) sire overall and the #5 dtr proven ITP (type) sire >1280 ISET! 

All top-rankings can be find by clicking on this link

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