New outcross top donor in the Hurkmans herd

Great new addition in the herd of Hurkmans ET is the high outcross heifer DT Totilas Rita 1-ET. One of the highest heifers in the breed without Shottle, Oman, Bolton or Planet in the first 3 generations with GTPI +2323. She has a great pedigree as a dtr of Alta Oak, from a Danillo from a Ramos out of the Willemshoeve Rita cow family. 


Willemshoeve Rita 331A VG-88-NL   
Grand dam to DT Totilas Rita 1 --> Click here for her pedigree

Totilas her dam, Willemshoeve Rita 6127 VG-87 2yr. is the #1 GTPI dtr of Danillo World Wide and has sons going to AI. She sold for € 26.500 in the Holland Masters Sale 2012. Next dam, Willemsheove Rita 331A VG-88-NL is a dtr of Ramos with great lactation and high protein. 

DT Totilas Rita 1 is close to flush age and available for contracts. 

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