NEW picture of the stunning grand dtr of APPLE!

Recently WWS Addiciton Armanda *RC *Pp VG-87-AT 2yr. is pictured fresh in her 1st lactation. This special Polled & *RC Addiction grand daughter of Apple was sold during the German Masters Sale '16 and looks absolutely stunning! She is classified VG-87-AT 2yr. with a VG-87-MS and ready for the big shows coming up! She is owned by Schönhof Holstein & HiHu Holsteins (Austria).



WWS Addiciton Armanda *RC *Pp VG-87-AT 2yr. (PEDIGREE)

  • A Red Carrier and Polled grand dtr of the extraordinary KWH Regiment Apple Red EX-96-USA
  • Fantastic show cow: already classified with VG-87-AT VG-87-MS 2yr.
  • Apple is a sister to Advent, Acme, Jotan and many more!

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Schönhof Holstein
Schönhofweg 2
Maishofen, Austria
Phone: +43 6769712913
Email: rupert.wenger@gmail.com

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