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First testing Imax dtr of Sabine in index top charts!

July 12, 2018 De Volmer Sabine is the former #1 GTPI heifer in Europa and is currently still on the 6th position in the European GTPI heifer (>9 months old) list with GTPI +2757. Her first testing progeny came back with indexes, from which her Imax daughter DG DV Sabia is the current #3 GTPI Imax daughter in Europe with her preliminary index of 7/18 GTPI +2791 / NM $ 914 - she has an incredible combination between total index and type traits with +2.59 PTAT and almost 3 points on her UDC (udder-index).    Read More

Click to enlarge - Larcrest Cale VG-89-USA EX-MS
Official GTPI April run online!

May 14, 2018 The official GTPI top 50 list of the april run is online! The list is including the modifications of DPR and PL, so yet again there is no calf or cow above the +2900 GTPI line.   Read More

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DG DV Christal Sound #2 combined Fat + Protein heifer!!

March 15, 2018 DG DV Christal Sound came back with a preliminary index, she is the #1 GTPI Soundsystem daughter in the World, she has an enormous production index: +2751 Milk / +111 Fat / +80 Protein, what makes her the #2 combined Fat + Protein heifer in Europe (+191 CFP). She is one out of only 10 heifers in the entire breed combining >110 lbs Fat and >79 lbs Protein. Christal Sound is a daughter of a daughter of DG DV Christel (s. Josuper) - the #5 GTPI cow in Europe >2 yrs old, grand dtr of Larcrest Cale VG-89, followed by Larcrest Crimson EX-94-USA EX-96-MS!   Read More

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RC & GTPI +2670 APPLE offspring: De Volmer DG Jomanda *RC

February 21, 2017 The highest RC offspring from the KHW Regiment Apple cow family can be found in Laren, Gelderland the Netherlands. De Volmer DG Jomanda *RC ranks +2670 GTPI, being a Red carrier and almost ready to start her IFV career makes her a World Wide sensation. The cow family that makes Red & White Type lovers go wild can now also compete in the highest level of overall index. De Volmer DG Jomanda *RC has an outstanding overall GTPI index of +2670 with a Type score of +2.76 combined with the production traits from her dad S-S-I Montross Jedi. She has a great rump structure, sloped and wide pins with no wholes in her linears. Her dam De Volmer DG Amanda (s. Halogen) will be fresh in April and is one of the most promising heifers at the farm. She looks like she can be a candidate to show at the Dutch National NRM this year. De Volmer DG Jomanda *RC is in partnership of Diamond Genetics and De Volmer Holsteins.   Read More

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De Volmer Sabine: The #1 GTPI Female in Europe

February 21, 2017 De Volmer Sabine rose to the #1 position in Europe during the last December index run. With her current index of 2900 GTPI she is also in the top 20 World Wide!! De Volmer Sabine comes from the world famous Ladys Manor Ruby D cow family, a family that is been delivering top bulls around the globe for decades. In her index she excels in her combination of fat and protein and scores for feet &legs and udders. Her combination of type and production and health traits makes her an easy to mate donors for the up-coming top bulls. De Volmer Sabine is in co-ownership with De Volmer Holsteins and Diamond Genetics; a partnership that has been succesfull before with delivering the most shighl respected bull De Vomer DG SUPERSHOT.   Read More

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Apple's Numero Uno dtr now EX-91!

November 4, 2016 Apple's Numero Uno daughter MS Apples Uno Armana *RC recently scored EX-91-USA and completes now 8 generations of EXCELLENT from the Apple cow family! She is dam of the sires Arvis *RC @ ST and Apple Pie Red @ AI Total (The #7 GTPI R&W sire in the World) and her daughter De Volmer DG Armana *RC is dam of a Top 5 GTPI Red Carrier heifer in Europe: De Volmer DG Jomanda *RC with GTPI +2610 / PTAT +2.61 (DGV LPI +3497)!   Read More

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Full sister to Charley’s dam - DG CALEY - pictured

May 12, 2016 DG Caley owned by Diamond Genetics & De Volmer Holsteins is fresh and pictured and projected at >10.000 kg milk in 305 days with 4.5% fat and 3.5% protein! She is a direct daughter of the incredible maximum scored Larcrest Cale VG-89-USA 2yr. followed by Larcrest Crimson EX-93-USA (s. Ramos)! Caley’s full sister Candide is the dam of the global sensation DG Charley, one of the hottest sires in the breed from this moment! Also Cale’s transmitting ability is high, like her Josuper daughter DG DV Christel with GTPI +2614!   Read More

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Dahilia: the new un-official #1 GTPI POLLED

August 5, 2015 DG DV Dahilia is the new #1 un-official #1 GTPI Polled Heifer in Europe with +2577 GTPI (preliminary results)! She is bred by De Volmer Holsteins & Diamond Genetics and is a daughter by Powerball P, going back on the Markwell Durham Daisy cow family, which also produced the bulls Danillo & Goldday.   Read More

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Exclusive POLLED Lidia pictured

June 29, 2015 De Volmer DG Lynn *P is one of the most exciting Polled Heifers for RZG. She belongs to one of the highest Polled Heifers with +146 RZG combined with a huge milk production of almost 1900 kg Milk in her index. She carries a different pedigree for Polled going on the incredible Bertaiola Lidia cow family from Italy. Her dam is one of the highest RZG Snowman daughters in Germany which was sold for € 31.000 and her grand dam has developed herself in to a great brood cow at De Rith Holsteins. Lynn *P herself was sold through the German Master Sale to Staal / Witting, is heavily contracted for Germany and recently has been pictured.   Read More

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NH Massey Queengirl breeds #4 Net Merit bull World Wide

June 15, 2015 NH Massey Queengirl has bred the #4 Net Merit bull World Wide, DV DG DH Queenboy, with 927 Net Merit in his preliminary result in June 2015. Queenboy is a Supershot son and sold through the Online Elite Bull Sale to AI Total. His dam NH Massey Queengirl is a unique heifer, one of the highest Massey daughters in the breed with a different pedigree as a Massey x Beacon x Bolton from a great Italian cow family which delivered plenty of successful daughter proven sires already. Queenboy seems to be a unique kind of bull as well, he has a tremendous production index of almost 2000 lbs milk with +88 lbs Fat & +63 lbs Protein resulting in one of the highest Feed Efficiency indexes in the breed: 193! He combines his huge production index with excellent fitness traits, Fertility Index +2.6, SCS 2.67, SCE 6.3 and +8.2 for Productive Life, he has a GTPI of +2688.    Read More

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