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The Regenia's leave their marks at Van der Weij

May 2, 2022 A few weeks ago, Joannes & Willeke van der Weij had a visit from the classifier at their farm. Koepon S P Regenia 268 *RC was one of the cows who saw the classifier. The Col DG Spark-Red daughter, co-owned with Sietze Akkerman is classified with VG-88 as 2yr. old with VG-88 for her Mammary System! Her dam is the Polled and Red Carrier: Koepon M P Regenia 244 P *RC VG-85-NL 2yr. She is a huge production cow and produces more than >11.000kgM every lactation with >3.5% Protein! Regenia 268 *RC her grand dam is one of the highest GTPI Balisto daughters WORLDWIDE: Koepon Bal Regenia 156. She is out of Epic daughter Koepon Epc Regenia 109 EX-90-NL, dam to AltaDustman! This family goed back on great brood cow Regan-Joy Durham Regina EX-92-USA. Click further for more info.   Read More

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Official European GTPI rankings 12/21

December 13, 2021 Eurogenes is definetely the place to be and stay tuned about the latest index releases in Europe and World Wide. Today we like to introduce you the top GTPI / NM$ and PTAT calves, heifers and cows in Europe based on the American GTPI index. This new August 2021 index run brings us a new #1 GTPI in Europe, with a Captian offspring from the Netherlands at +3078 GTPI. Second is another Captain daughter from the UK at +3041 GTPI and third is Boghill Glamour Captain C Car at +3035 GTPI. Topping the NET MERIT list is AltaZazzle daughter Hul-Stein Caprice at +1102 NM$. In second follows Hul-Stein Cherity at +1089 NM$. Charl son, Captain delivers the #3 NM$ heifer at +1088 NM$. The #1 PTAT female in Europe and either the WORLD is again SHG Avalanche Liv *RC at +4.95 PTAT. She is by far the #1 PTAT female in the breed.   Read More

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Incredible June 2021 intermediate run for Hul-Stein!

June 8, 2021 It has been an incredible intermediate run for Hul-Stein! They delivered no less than four females in the top 25 GTPI and top 25 NET MERIT this June 2021 intermediate run! Captain dominates again with 8 daughters in the top 25 GTPI. The #1 GTPI female is Captain daughter: Boghill Glammour Captain C Car at +3080 GTPI! In second followes another Captain daughter at +3075 GTPI owned by Boghill & Glamour (UK). At the third spot we find Hul-Stein Carline at +3062 GTPI. This Fortnite daughter is either the #3 NET MERIT female and goes back on Anderstrup DG Calico. Topping the PTAT list is a Moovin *RC daughter from Spain at +4.07 PTAT. She goes back on a King Doc x Archrival x Doorman to the reigning Grand Champion World Dairy Expo: Butz-Butler Gold Barbara! Click further for the complete rankings!   Read More

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New star from the Jacobs Goldwyn Britany EX-96 family!

April 30, 2021 At Ferme Jacobs a new upcoming star from the Jacobs Goldwyn Britany EX-96-CAN EX-96-MS 2E 22* has been scored with VG-89-CAN EX-91 Mammary System as a 3-Yr Old in Canada. Jacobs Avalanche Bradly is from an EX-91 Day dam, followed by an GP-84 Jordan daughter who is the maternal sister to Goldwyn Britany. At van der Weij we find a very fancy Crush grand daughter of her at +3.06 PTAT / +10 Conformation. Her dam is a VG-87-USA 2yr. Archrival who is the maternal sister to Jacobs Sid Beauty EX-95-USA - Int. Champion World Dairy Expo 2015. Continue reading...   Read More

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Britany her grand dtr wins Jr. Champion Maryland State Fair

September 10, 2020 The tremendous Goldwyn daughter: Jacobs Goldwyn Britany EX-96-CAN EX-96-MS her Windbrook grand daughter MS Beauty Wbk Bambi-ET won Junior Champion at Maryland State Fair a couple days ago!! This Windbrook daughter is directly from one of Britany's most famous daughter & Int. Champion World Dairy Expo 2015: Jacobs Sid Beauty EX-95-USA. Either at De Dorre Holsteins and Joannes & Willeke van der Weij are Britany her grand daughters impressing with a lot of SHOW potential and HIGH NUMBERS! Also through the German Masters Sale are several offsprings from Britany sold. It's never to late for great quality!!   Read More

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Additional lots 'Online Embryo Sale'

June 16, 2020 Two exciting additional lots in the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale - Start of Summer Edition. First are FEMALE Avatar-Red embryos selling from a fancy Crush (not available Europe) heifer x VG-87-USA Archrival (either not available in Europe) x Jacobs Goldwyn Britany EX-96-CAN - Res. All-Canadian 2011. This heifer's dam is a maternal sister to Jacobs Sid Beauty EX-95-USA who won Int. Champion World Dairy Expo 2015 & Jacobs Solomon Bridal VG-87-CAN 2yr. - 1st Jr. 2-Yr Old World Dairy Expo 2019. Furthermore are five FEMALE Upgrade (3.49 PTAT) embryos selling from Jacobs Valerie. This potential RED CARRIER sired by Apple Crisp *RC is a directly daughter of Jacbos Atwood Vedette EX-95-CAN 2E. Vedette was Res. Int. Champion World Dairy Expo 2014, H.M. Grand Champion Montmagny 2015, 1st 4-Yr Old Trois-Rivières 2015 and is from the same family as Jacobs Goldwyn Valana EX-95-USA - Res. Grand Champion WDE 2015. Click further to read more.   Read More

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February '20 intermediate run: #1 GTPI female for WEH Holsteins!

February 6, 2020 The newest indexes from the Intermediate run of February 2020 came out. The #1 GTPI females is for WEH Holsteins with WEH 22704 (s. Honda) testing +2869 GTPI and 964 Net Merit. Three points ahead of her follows Riveting daughter SHA Burundi with +2865 GTPI. Furhtermore we find another Discjockey daughter from All.Nure Guara-Balou (2550) in the global top at the nineth spot at +2801 GTPI. Hazenpad Holsteins delivers with HH Classina (s. Riveting) another index topper at +2798 NM$ in the list. Topping the PTAT list is Amazone with +4.39 PTAT, a Crushabull sister to the bulls Mr Frazzled ARISTOCRAT (2784 GTPI / 2.75 PTAT), NH DG ARROW @ AI-Total - #1 GTPI sire with >3.60 PTAT, >0 RA & positive DPR and ARMAGEDON P // +3.35 PTAT, +889 Milk, +0.06% PROTEIN. Her dam Al-Lew Monterey Ashley VG-89-USA EX-MS La1 delivers two more full sisters to Amazone in the top five: DG Aleeza (+3.87 PTAT / #4) and Acquanera (+3.87 PTAT / #5). Click further for the complete lists.

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PrismaGen Miss Sansibar scores VG-88-NL 2yr.!!

September 10, 2019 She is one of the successful purchase through the German Masters Sale for Joannes & Willeke van der Weij: PrismaGen Miss Sansibar. This Superstar daughter recently calved for the first time and scored VG-88-NL as a 2-Yr Old with VG-89 for her frame!!  She was the former #4 Superstar daughter in Europe and traces back to the legendary Ammon-Peachey Shauna EX-92-USA. This family is the foundation behind the influental bulls Mogul, Supersire, Silver, Monterey, Balisto, Oak and more. This lovely 2-Yr Old still has a complete index with: +1115 Milk / SCS 2.43 / PL +5 / PTAT +2.24 and UDC +2.65. She is sold through the German Masters Sale 2017!!   Read More

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Golden Cross gives homerun for van der Weij!

January 22, 2018 Welcome Supersire Lisbeth VG-87-NL La1 delivered a homerun for Joannes & Willeke van der Weij, who purchased this special Supersire daughter in the German Masters Sale '15 - she is the highest producing 2yr. old in their herd ever (2.03 305d 10.581kgM 5.27%F 3.73%P), sons of her sold to AI stations, she has a high flush age Gatedancer dtr and more recently her flush to Wa-Del Yoder Bandares delivered a global chart topping heifer: JW Liv, Top 5 GTPI Bandares in Europe with GTPI +2843, combined with +2.71 PTAT! Click further for more information about this special individual and fantastic cow family.    Read More

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Fancy Atlee grand dtr at van der Weij

August 31, 2017 There is a grand daughter of Atlee in the barns of Joannes & Willeke van der Weij. HaM Nominee All In One is a Nominee from MS Atlees Shottle Aubry EX-93 - the full sister to Aftershock and maternal sister to Atwood, Golden Dreams, Delete and others. Click further for her picture.   Read More

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