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Official European GTPI rankings 08/19!

August 16, 2019 Eurogenes is the place to be to stay tuned about the latest index releases. Today we would like to present the top rankings of the FEMALES in Europe on PTAT, NM$ and GTPI. This August release bring the a new #1 GTPI female in Cirio Agricola Idra, a Skywalker daughter from the Beeze Ida family with +2849 GTPI!!! She is also the #5 NET MERIT Calf <9 months in Europe. Again this index run, Charl keeps impressing with his skyhigh daughters. The #7 GTPI & #6 Net Merit Calf is Hul-Stein Buttermilk (s. Charl) with +2815 GTPI // +1001 NM$. OH DG Dory, also a Charl daughter is the #4 NET MERIT & #6 GTPI Calf in Europe with +2815 GTPI // +1007 NM$. In the top PTAT list we see a lot influence of the Butz-Butler Gold Barbara family with 3 offsprings in the top 6. The #6 PTAT Calf this run is NH Artist Barnabas (s. Artist). This lovely heifer notes +4.13 PTAT. At the heifer we find NH Doc Fun at the 4th spot. This King Doc heifer notes +4.24 PTAT and is straight out Ralma Juror Faith EX-91-USA family. She sold through the European Masters Sale 2019 to DG France. HC Archrival Arianne confirms again her strengt and is now #2 PTAT Cow >2 years in Europe with +4.00 PTAT. Click further for the complete rankings.   Read More

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EG-members on their way to the National NRM-Show!

June 21, 2019 Only one week ahead of one of the greatest show taking place in the Netherlands: the NRM-Show! This National Dutch show will be held in the Ijsselhallen in Zwolle at 28-29 June. Several EG-members are on their way with cows for the National Show. Bons-Holsteins and Giessen Holsteins are the biggest contributors with both 8 cows entered for the show. Also Upstream Holsteins, Veneriete Holsteins, Retraitehoeve Holsteins, Zandenburg Holsteins, Holbra Holsteins, Batouwe Holsteins, Hullcrest Holsteins and JK-Eder Holsteins will be participating with cows on this huge event. Click further to find out some of cows entered for the show and to see the full catalog.   Read More

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FEMALE embryos from the #1 PTAT cow!

May 14, 2019 A rare opportunity in the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale: FEMALE Cycle Doorman JACOBY embryos from the #1 PTAT cow (> 2 years) in Europe: HC Archrival Arianne VG-87-NL VG-89-MS 2yr. This Achrival daughter (not available in Europe) is a daughter of the Res. Jr. All-American Winter Calf '14 & 2nd Jr. Winter Heifer Calf World Dairy Expo '14: Ms Ariannas Door Armani VG-85-USA. Her dam is the Unamious All-American & All-Canadian cow BVK Atwood Arianna EX-94-USA EX-94-MS!! A huge family which deliverd many A.I. bulls like: Atwood, Archrival, Aftershock, Golden Dreams & more. Arianne her 3rd dam is no one less than MS Kingstead Chief Adeen, the 2x All-American Produce, dam of 24 EXCELLENT offsprings and sister to Shoremar S Alicia-ET EX-97-USA - the Grand Champion RWF 2000! Click further for more info.   Read More

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Terrific average RED Holsteins at Batouwe: 87,1!!

May 3, 2019 An absolutely terrific average of the seven Red and White's classified at Batouwe Holsteins: 87,1!! The last classification round was this week with again many highlights. Share DG Agnieska-Red is the newest VG-88-NL 2yr. for the Bakker family with VG-89 for her Feet and Legs!! This Payball daughter her dam is one of the highest R&W RZG cows in the breed and traces back to Felder Den Barb Cindy EX-91-USA 3E GMD DOM. Another highlight was Catharina 80 a R&W Camion daughter in her 5th lactation from the Catharina EX-91 family. She now scored VG-89-NL with VG-89 for her mammary system and EX-90 for her Feet and Legs. Also Batouwe Kansas Lilly P Red, fresh in her 1st lacation scored VG-85-NL 2yr. with VG-88-MS!! Lilly P Red is a Kansas P daughter straight out the family of the 1,15 million dollar cow Lylehaven Lila Z EX-94-CAN. She is a maternal sister to the promising R&W bull Zeta P Red (s. Esperado P) @ Aberkin. Click further for more info.   Read More

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NEW photo RED showheifer from the Meggilee's!

May 2, 2019 Recently we received a new photo of the fabulous offspring from the Meggilee's: ViG My Love Red. A showy Redneck grand daughter of the famous show cow RH Maibrit EX-92-DE (s. Joyboy). Maibrit was 2nd in her section at the National German Show (DHV) '17 and produces >80.000kgM in her lifetime. My Love Red herself was also already successful shown at the Fokveedag Putten '19 with a third place in her section. This is the same family as one of the most famous and legandary show cows in Germany: RH Talent Maxima EX-94-DE EX-95-MS. Maxima her daughter FG Madame EX-92-DE was 2-Yr Old Champion Schau der Besten 2015 & Grand Champion Schau der Besten 2017. My Love Red is straight out 9 generations Very Good or EXCELLENT dams and is a name to remember for the future! Click further for more info.   Read More

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European R&W GTPI female rankings!

May 1, 2019 Europe offers some of the highest Red and White females in the Holstein breed based on GTPI base. The influance of several foundation cows are significant and dominating in the list, with for example Snowbiz Sympatico Sofia-Red VG-85-USA 2yr. - the former #1 R&W GTPI & RZG cow in the breed and dam to the #1 R&W GTPI female in Europe: Elitestreet Spirit-Red. Also De Oosterhof DG Rose, the dam to the #2, #9 and #25 GTPI females in Europe!! Furthermore we can find the best R&W out of the families of Splendor, Rainyridge Tony Beauty and KHW Goldwyn Aiko. Click further for the complete rankings.   Read More

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Blues-Red & Savio *RC leading in so many ways!

April 5, 2019 In the American RED CARRIER GTPI list is Batouwe RE SAVIO *RC a particulary bull. This Salvatore *RC son is topping in the list with a #6 place with +2753 GTPI and incredible linear trades. A very complete bull with super traits: 5.6% SCE // >1000 Milk // 2.56 SCS // +2.45 UDC // +0.15% Fat // +0.04 % Protein. His dam is Batouwe Aiko Red VG-85-NL 2yr. a R&W Salsa *RC daughter who is the former #3 GTPI RED Heifer in Europe! She is also the dam to AI-Total's intriguing R&W sire BLUES-RED, the full brother to SAVIO *RC. Blues-Red is topping in several systems: #14 GTPI R&W bull // #15 R&W RZG genomic bull and the #22 gNVI R&W bull. An Alaska Red sister to BLUES-RED & SAVIO *RC, Rhala RE Quickstep Red is @ Batouwe Holsteins and tests also great in several systems. These huge bulls are tracing back to the top transmitter KHW Aiko *RC EX-91-USA DOM. Click further for more info about these bulls.   Read More

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The magnificent production cow: Caps Angela 4

February 21, 2019 The huge transmitter Caps Angela 4 Red VG-85-NL 3yr. is actually in her 2nd lactation and what a lactation she makes! As a 2yr. Old she produced in 406 days almost 15.000kgM with 4.5% Fat and 3.6% Protein. She continues in her 2nd lactation with a currently production of 13.372kgM, 4.2% Fat and 3.4% Protein in 280 days. Angela Red is the former #3 Fageno daughter World Wide and deliverd several sons for A.I. She is from the family that traces back to Diamond-S Glamour Cass EX-93-USA 3E GMD and has 9 EXCELLENT dams in her pedigree! Her legacy already continues with her Payball dtr Share DG Agnieska Red. She was the Intermediate Champion R&W at the Hoornaar Show last year (2018) and belongs to one of the highest R&W Payball daughters in the German test system. Click furhter for more info.   Read More

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2 great R&W additions for Batouwe Holsteins!

January 9, 2019 In the barns of Batouwe Holstiens arrived two incredible R&W additions for the Batouwe breeding programme. The first one is Rhale RE Quickstep Red, a lovely Alaska Red daughter from the KHW Goldwyn Aiko EX-91-USA family and maternal sister to Blues-Red (+2626 gTPI) @ AI-Total and Batouwe RE Savio *RC (+2753 gTPI) @ Semex! Quickstep notes +2525 gTPI and +307 gNVI, which is good enough for a place in the top 100 RED NVI-list! Another great addition is ViG My Love Red a showy Redneck grand daughter of the succesfull show cow RH Maibrit EX-92-DE EX-92-MS. My Love has 9 generations VG or EXCELLENT dams in her pedigree and is from the same family as the legandary showcow RH Talent Maxima EX-94-DE. These heifers are co-owned with Arjan Roubos and open to flush, inquiries are welcome! Click further for more info.   Read More

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Great day for Batouwe & JK Eder Holsteins in Hoornaar!

October 15, 2018 It was a great day for Batouwe Holsteins and JK Eder Holsteins at the Hoornaar Show '18. Batouwe became with the fantastic Payball daughter Share DG Agnieska-Red 2-YR Old Champion R&W of the show. Also KOE Fabiola had a great day with taking the HM. Senior Champion R&W of the show. Fabiola is projected in her third lactation with >13.000kgM and recently classfied EX-90-NL. She is together in ownership with Dick & Ellis van Zetten. At the Black and White show there was big success for JK Eder Holsteins with JK DG Darlina. This Doorman daughter won the Res. 2-YR Old Championship and is a direct daughter of the full sister to DH Gold Chip Darling EX-95-CH: JK Eder Gold Chip Darling 2 EX-90-NL (s. Gold Chip). Click further for the pictures and more info.   Read More

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