Next generation Shakira's delivers new toppers for Mts. Koning

The SHERAY family is undboutly the most dominant transmitting cow family in the herd of Mts. Koning. Their foundation, Twin Sheray 2 delivered multiple successes for this breeders with many sons sold to AI and high genomic ranking females. Now it's time for the next generation, the recent European February genomic run delivered 3 heifers from the Shakira's in the Top 30, all out of the #2 GTPI Silver dtr in Europe: Shakira 2, sired by 3 different sires, a GTPI +2800 Jedi and a GTPI +2773 King Royal!



Ko-Gen Shakira 2  (PEDIGREE)
* The #2 GTPI Silver dtr in Europe (12/17)
* 3 dtrs in the European GTPI Top 30 of the intermediate February run
* Also a GTPI +2747 Superhero daughter, ready to flush this spring



SHAKIRA 10 (D.O.B. september 2017)
US 02/18 GTPI +2736 / PTAT +2.02

SHAKIRA 11 (D.O.B. oktober 2017)
US 02/18 GTPI +2773 / PTAT +2.36
(s. Plain-Knoll KING ROYAL)

SHAKIRA 12 (D.O.B. december 2017)
US 02/18 GTPI +2800 / PTAT +2.00
(s. S-S-I Montross JEDI-ET)

SHAKIRA 8 (D.O.B. juli 2017)
US 12/17 GTPI +2747 / PTAT +2.27


Foundation cow of the Sheray family at Mts. Koning: Twin Sheray 2 VG-85-NL 3yr. 

The American foundation cow of this cow family:  UFM-Dubs Eroy VG-87-USA 2yr. GMD DOM



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