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NH Sunview Shep Mercy

(Shep x Balisto x Sudan x Xacobeo)

Different pedigree & great RZG

Multiple Owners

De Veelhorst Holsteins
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Vekis Genetics
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Reg No.



January 28, 2016

Genomic Result

US 12/17 GTPI +2543 / NM $ 756 / PTAT +1.64 [ Details ]
DE 08/16 RZE +127 / RZM +152 / RZG +158
NL 08/16 Type +107 / NVI +275


  • One of the highest RZG Shep daughters in the breed! (08/16)
  • Daughter of the European topseller of 2014: NH-HS Marilyn Monroe for € 84.000
  • Multiple brothers in AI in different test systems
  • Full brother in AI @ Cogent! One of the highest PLI bulls in the breed
  • Dam is maternal sister to the very first heifer which ever scored +170 RZG, NH-HS Mercedes
  • Mercedes sold for € 70.000 through the Vekis Spring Sale '14
  • Great maternal line with outcross sires as Sudan & Xacobeo in the pedigree


Roylane Sglass SHEP 6941-ET
NH HS Balisto Marilyn Monroe VG-86-DE 2yr.
La1 (Proj) 305d 11.441kgM 5.5%F 4.06%P!!
  • High ranking offspring in any system!
  • Multiple son in international AI stations
  • Outcross maternal line: Balisto x Sudan x Xacobeo
  • Huge producing 2yr. old! 4.0% PROTEIN!!
De-Su 11236 BALISTO
Vekis Sudan Mellow VG-87-DE 2yr.
La1 305d 10.983kgM 4.9% 534F 3.8% 421P
  • #1 RZG Sudan World Wide
  • Dam to the former #1 RZG heifer World Wide & topseller at the Vekis Sale 2014
  • Dam to NH-HS Balisto Marilyn Monroe, topseller at the German Masters Sale 2014
Va-Early-Dawn SUDAN CRI
Vekis Xaco Melody VG-87-UK VG-88-MS
2.02 305d 11.526kgM 3.3% 375F 3.4% 388P
3.09 305d 15.901kgM 3.6% 572F 3.1% 493P
  • Sudan dtr is the #1 RZG Sudan World Wide
  • Chevrolet grand dtr is the very first heier tested over 170 RZG level!!
  • Sudan dtr sold for € 20.500
  • Maternal sister to Caps Mairy 14, sold for € 58.000

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