One of Supershot's very best: DG HS Neliza pictured!

DG HS Neliza VG-86-NL VG-88-MS 2yr. is fresh in her 2nd lactation, averaged >45 kg milk on her first 60 days and she has been pictured again last week. Neliza is spreading her genes around to the breed through her great sons in AI like Opperman and through her DG Charley son NOEL @ Vost! Neliza her Jedi daughter DG HS Nadja is one of the highest GTPI heifers of her generation and already bred the highest GTPI bull ever born in Europe and also #1 GTPI Benz son @ GTPI +2915!



DG HS Neliza VG-86-NL VG-88-MS 2yr. 
(Supershot x VG-86-NL Numero Uno x VG-87-DE 2yr. Big Time x VG-87 2yr. Stol Joc x Tir-An Neblina VG-87 2yr.)
     * Pictured fresh in her 2nd lactation!
     * Averaged >45 kg milk / day over her first 60 days in her 2nd lactation
     * Dam to Opperman @ Inseme & DG HS Noel
     * Her son DG HS NOEL @ Vost is one of the most complete bulls in Germany

Her son: DG HS Noel (s. DG Charley) @  Vost   (Click here for more information)
Production: +1367 Milk / -0.12%F / +41F / +0.04%P / +51P / gRZG 153
      Fitness: RZR 109 / RZD 99 / RZS 121 / RZN 133 / RZKd102 / RZKFIT 149 
      Type: Beckenneigung: 103 / Strichlänge: 108 / F&L 127 / Udder 129 / RZE 132
       Click here for more information

Jedi dtr of of Neliza: DG HS Nadja   (PEDIGREE)
    * Dam of the #1 GTPI bull in Europe & #1 Benz son in the breed: GTPI +2915! (DG HS MERCEDES)
    * Huge donor! Still GTPI +2769 / NM $ 906! One of the highest of her generation!
    * 3 Benz sons in the Top 10 GTPI Bens sons (9/18) - all >900 Net Merit
    * First 6 tested dtrs averaged GTPI +2750 / 4 dtrs >900 Net Merit



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