Online Embryo Sale OPEN for bidding

The Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale just opened for bidding. Take adventage and bid last on the great lots selling. With for example FEMALE GEN NH Spirit-Red embryos out of Wilt Alina-Red VG-88-FR 2yr. she was Udder Champion R&W SIA Paris 2022 and grand daughter from Adler EX-96, FEMALE JJ-P embryos out of GS Alliance Tau Arkansis EX-93-UK EX-93-MS, Bender embryos out of Kedar Blooming Snickers EX-90-DE EX-MS, FEMALE Warrior-Red (#1 PTAT Daughter proven R&W sire at +3.59 PTAT) from the same family as Kingsway Sanchez Armadillo EX-95-CAN, FEMALE Delta-Lambda embryos out of the Doorman daughter from the Dutch Cow of the Year 2022, FEMALE Stantons Chief embryos from FG Metallica P-Red VG-87-NL La2, huge RZG & NVI and many herdbuilding packages starting at just 125 EUR / embryo.

Auction closes Friday, July 1, 2022 (21:00 / 09:00 p.m. - Dutch Time = CEST)


FEMALE GEN NH SPIRIT-RED embryos x Wilt Alina-Red VG-88-FR 2yr.
She is a Castel Bad grand daughter from Ms Farnear Aria Adler EX-96-USA

FEMALE GoldHill Huge Dg JJ-P embryos x GS Alliance Tau Arkansas EX-93-UK EX-93-MS
Female embryos from the EXCELLENT Tau daughter out of Ace Arve EX-97-UK

P. Livello Bive BENDER embryos x Kedar Blooming Snickers EX-90-DE EX-MS
Bender embryos from the Old Mill E Snickerdoodle EX-94-USA family!

FEMALE Mr. Blondin WARRIOR-RED embryos x Ov Luck-E Kyra-Red
She is an Altitude-Red grand daughter out of the Res. R&W Grand Champion World Dairy Expo 2014

FEMALE Stantons CHIEF embryos x Hullcrest Unix Aranga
Chief embryos from Kingsway Sanchez Arangatang EX-95-USA

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