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PrismaGen Miss Sansibar

(Altasuperstarx Yoder x Man-O-Shan)

#4 Superstar in Europe! (8/17)


Joannes & Willeke van der Weij
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Reg No.



March 11, 2017

Genomic Result

US 04/19 GTPI +2609 / NM $ 752 / PTAT +2.31 [ Details ]


  • #4 Superstar daughter in Europe: +2701 GTPI! (8/17)
  • Very interesting combination: +1165M / SCS 2.51 / DPR +1.6 / PL +7.5 / PTAT +2.61 / UDC >3!!
  • Her dam is a daughter of Yoder (not available in Europe)
  • 3rd dam is the full sister to Supersire
  • Same family as: Mogul, Supersire, Silver, Monterey, Balisto, Oak & more


PG Miss Sweden GP-83-DE 2yr.
La1 305d 10.084kgM 4.0% 406F 3.7% 374P
  • #30 gTPI and #23 NET MERIT cow >2yrs. in Europe! 12/18
  • Going back on Ammon-Peachey Shauna EX-91-USA
  • Huge Net Merit Cow: +854 Net Merit! 12/18
Woodcrest Mogul YODER
Seagull-Bay Miss Shambry NC
2.07 90d 4.445kgM 4.1% 182F 2.9% 129P (Inc.)
  • Dam to the #1 GTPI Yoder dtr in Europe: PG Miss Sweden (GTPI 2681)
  • Same family as Mardi Gras, Balisto, Monterey, Mogul, Sid & many others!
Ladys-Manor Man-O-Shan-ET
Seagull-Bay Mis Universe GP-82 USA DOM
3.01 355d 15.164kgM 3.6% 546F 3.4% 515P
  • Full sister to SUPERSIRE!
  • Maternal to Headliner, Diamond, Platinum, Sargeant, Shaw & more
  • Maternal sister is dam to SILVER!

Next Dams

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6th Pine-Tree Missy Martha-ET VG-86-USA GDM DOM
7th Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy-ET EX-92 3E GMD DOM
8th Wesswood Elton Mimi EX-90-USA GMD DOM
9th Wesswood Mandingo Ivy VG-87-USA
10th Wesswoord Astro Matt Esther VG-87-USA GMD DOM
11th Wesswood Bell Claudette VG-87-USA GMD DOM

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