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R&B Lupo Ailana P *RC

(Lupo x Alaska-Red x Salsa *RC)

Red Carrier Lupo dtr from BLUE'S maternal sister!

Multiple Owners

Roubos Holsteins
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Batouwe Holsteins - Fam. Bakker
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Reg No.



July 27, 2020

Genomic Result

DE 04/21 RZG +142
NL 04/21 NVI +239


  • Red Carrier Lupo daughter from the maternal sister to BLUES-RED @ AI-Total
  • +142 RZG in combination with +239 NVI - April 2021
  • Maternal sister to R&B Solitair Aisha P-Red - #23 R&W GTPI female in Europe - April 2021
  • Maternal sister to R&B Aivy-Red - sold for 11.000 EUR and the #1 RZEuro heifer
  • 4th dam's maternal sister is dam to Gen-I-Beq AIKMAN *RC & Gen-I-Beq ATTICO-RED
  • 5th dam is the former #1 GTPI RC cow in the World and maternal sister to Apple EX-96-USA
  • KHW Regiment Apple EX-96-USA is the Grand Champion WDE '11 & Res. Grand Champ. WDE '13
  • Same family as the proven bulls Acme, Jotan, Advent and more


Rhala RE Quickstep Red
2.07 305d 8.625kgM 4.7% 402F 3.7% 323P
  • Alaska dtr ranking high in several systems: +2538 gTPI and huge NVI heifer! (04/21)
  • Maternal sister to BLUES-RED @ AI-Total (+2638 GTPI) & Batouwe RE Savio *RC (+27574GTPI) @ Semex
Batouwe Salsa Aiko Red VG-85-NL VG-85-MS 2yr.
2.09 305d 9.118kgM 4.11% 375F 3.6% 331P (proj)
  • The former #3 GTPI RED Heifer in Europe & dam to BLUES-RED @ AI-Total (+2626 gTPI)
  • The former #1 GTPI Salsa daughter in the breed!!
  • Silver sister has GTPI 2619 & sister to KD NRP Aisa-Red - #2 GTPI R&W Salsa dtr in Europe (8/16)
  • Grand dam's maternal sister is dam to Gen-I-Beq AIKMAN *RC
Alh Australia-ET *RC VG-87-NL 3yr.
2.04 305d 10.353kgM 4.2% 434F 3.4% 356P
3.08 305d 11.975kgM 4.1% 491F 3.4% 409P
  • Dam to Salsa Aiko Red - #1 GTPI R&W Heifer in Europe (8/17)
  • Dam to KD NRP Aisa-Red - #2 GTPI R&W Salsa dtr in Europe (8/17)

Next Dams

4th KHW Alxndr Ayako-ET *RC VG-85-USA 3yr.
5th KHW Goldwyn Aiko-ET *RC EX-91-USA DOM
6th Kamps-Hollow Altitude-ET *RC EX-95-USA 2E DOM
7th Clover-Mist Alisha EX-93-USA 3E GMD DOM
8th Clover-Mist Augy Star EX-94-USA 4E DOM
9th D-R-A August EX-96-USA 4E DOM
10th D-R-A Ideal Precious Leader EX-90-USA 2E
11th D-R-A Princess Lad Leader EX-90-USA 3E

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