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RH Altitude Indy Red

(Altitude-Red x Absolute-Red x Reality-Red)

Altitude-Red daughter straight out of Pamprd-Acres Ab Ivy-Red EX-94-USA


Roubos Holsteins
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January 18, 2022


  • She is something special! A Altitude-Red daughter straight out of Pamprd-Acres Ab Ivy-Red EX-94
  • Straight out of 10 generations with EXCELLENT dams in a row!
  • Her dam was sold for $40.000 at the Define Your Destiny Sale 2018, Unanimous All-American Senior
  • 2yr. old R&W Madison '16, Grand & Supreme Champion Illionois State Fair '16, 1st Senior 2yr. Old
  • Illionois State Fair '15 & GRAND CHAMPION Illionois State Show '18.
  • Her 3rd dam was Grand Champion R&W Show 2008 and Res. All-American 4yr. old 2008
  • This family traces back on Jan-Com Fond Matt Matilda EX-97-USA


Farnear Altitude-Red
Pamprd-Acres AB Ivy-Red EX-94-USA
4-04 85d 4.679kgM 3.7% 174F 3.1% 147P
  • Senior & Reserve Grand Champion Illinois State Show 2019
  • Nominated All-American Red & White 4yr old 2018
  • Grand Champion, IL State Show 2018
  • 2nd 4yr Old Midwest Spring National Red & White Show 2018
Greenlea-TM Real AB-Red EX-93-2E
2-03 2x 305d 10.532kgM 4.6% 487F 3.2% 336P
3-03 2x 305d 11.898kgM 4.0% 504F 3.0% 376P
4-03 2x 365d 14.497kgM 3.7% 531F 3.3% 472P
5-11 2x 365d 14.207kgM 4.0% 565F 3.2% 450P
Hurtgen-Vue Reality Red
Cherrie-Kreek Beulah-Red EX-92
2-02 2x 365d 12.882kgM 3.7% 471F 3.4% 433P
4-02 2x 365d 17.631kgM 3.5% 618F 3.4% 596P
  • Grand Champion, Grand Int'l R&W Show 2008
  • 1st. 4-Yr-Old, Eastern Nat'l R&W Show 2008
  • Res. All-American 4-Yr-Old 2008

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