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Rose Evy *PP NC

(Oliver-P x Miro-P)

Homozygous POLLED Jersey!


Roccafarm Holsteins
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March 27, 2016

Production Records

La1 305d 9.342kgM 4.0% 373F 3.5% 328P




  • Unique Homozygous POLLED Jersey Heifer
  • Tremendous pedigree, multiple generations > 4.0% PROTEIN
  • 2nd and 3rd dam made their production on an organic farm (BIO)
  • Grand dam was 2nd in her class at the National German Jersey Show '12
  • Great pedigree of with high production, Show type & Polled


Dutch Hollow OLIVER-P
As Evett *PO EX-90-DE EX-90-MS
La1 305d 8.465kgM 4.7% 397F 4.0% 335P
3/2La 305d 9.403kgM 4.7% 447F 3.8% 362P
HL2 305d 10.394kgM 4.8% 497F 3.7% 389P
  • Unique polled Jersey brood cow!
  • 4.0% Protein!!
  • >10.000kgM in her second lactation!!
Evita Pp EX-91-DE EX-93-MS
8/7La 305d 6.275kgM 4.7% 293F 3.7% 234P
HL6 305d 8.543kgM 4.7% 402F 3.6% 311P
  • Production made on an organic (BIO) farm
  • 2nd German National Jersey Show '12
Dutch Hollow BRENDON-P
Emily (s. Medal) VG-87-DE
4/3La 305d 5.926kgM 4.8% 282F 4.0% 236P
HL2 305d 6.327kgM 5.0% 314F 4.2% 268P
  • Production made on an organic (BIO) farm

Next Dams

4th Eleisa (s. Ace) GP-DE
5th Ellena

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