Rose Super Shot fresh and scored!

Cogent SUPERSHOT is one of the hottest new bulls in the Holstein breed which everybody talks about. He is the only bull in the World testing over 1000 for Net Merit, is the #4 GTPI bull (+2563), #3 RZG bull (RZG 162) and #2 PLI bull with 281! No bull in the World combines the skyhigh ranking Supershot does in so many different test systems! HIs mother, Rose Super Shot from De Volmer Holsteins & Diamond Genetics had a 1st milk test with 38 kg Milk with 3.84% PROTEIN and scored VG-85 yesterday at only 4 weeks fresh with potential for more points later in lactation!

Rose Super Shot VG-FR 2yr.
- 1st Milk test: 38kgM with 3.84% PROTEIN
- Scored VG-85 2yr. at only 4 weeks fresh

Super Shot is still the #1 GTPI Superstition dtr in Europe with GTPI +2295. Her tested calves so far are ranking skyhigh in different systems, like her Supersire dtr De Volmer DG Rose with GTPi +2380 / DGV LPI +3370 going to be flushed soon. Highlight in her impressive progenylist is Cogent SUPERSHOT! The bull everybody is looking for at the moment.

The origin of the family can be found in the USA with Vir-Clar de Classy as the foundation cow of the family. The family have proved to be strong transmitting family through different branches. As well the Res. Jr. Champion of the European Show in Fribourg, Southland Carola 11 VG-89-NL 2yr. (s. Alexander) comes from the same family, as well the strong transmitting Koepon Classy's with different animals in the Top GTPI ranking.


Tirsvad Patron Claire EX-92
- 3rd dam to Rose Super Shot
- World Wide recognized as one of the best Patron dtrs ever

Dav Ulla EX-90-FR
- Different branch of this great cow family, in France

Southland Carola 11 VG-89-NL 2yr.
- Res. Jr. 2-Yr. Champion European Show Fribourg 2013
- Same cow family

Ven Dairy Classe 4 EX-ES
- Shottle x Champion x Patron Claire
- EXCELLENT Shottle dtr, sold to Ponderosa Holsteins in Spain

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