RZB White Rose wins Grand Champion Hessens Zukunft!

The R&W cow RZB White Rose (s. Colt 45 P) won the Grand Champion at Hessens Zukunft 2019 between the Black & White's! This incredible cow is owned by Uhring and traces back to the Grand Champion R&W World Dairy Expo 2005 & 2007: Lavender Ruby Redrose EX-96-USA. She won ahead of BT Patrica, this Atwood daughter of the Hauck family won 3 times in a row the grand TITLE in Alsfeld and was this year Res. Grand Champion & Senior Champion of the show!! The Res. Champion R&W title was this year for TSc Grazia, this famous Rematch P daughter won her class and is also owned by the Hauck family.

For the full results of the show - CLICK HERE -

Grand Champion: RZB White Rose (s. Colt 45 P)

Res. Grand Champion: BT Patrica (s. Atwood)

Res. R&W Champion: TSc Grazia (s. Rematch P)

R&W Senior Champion

Black & White Senior Champion


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