Sound System again the #1 in Italy!

In the Italian runs Sound System made again his expectations come true! His stays in the #1 position in the genomic gPFT with +4273 PFT. Followed by R DG Neutron in the second position with +4184 PFT. The top 5 is completed by Go-Farm Innuendo (+4167 PFT), Go-Farm Monster (+4141 PFT) & Spring Farm Spotify (+4117 PFT).
Also the daughter proven sires made a good run. All.Nure Poison taked the first position with +3330 PFT.  Go-Farm Inseme Zurich notes +3271 PFT for the #2. New in the daughter proven list is Holbra Inseme Rodanas with +3259 PFT, what is enough for the #3!!

Italian indexes:

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