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Spicy Girl-Red

(Altitude-Red x Absolute-Red x Destry *RC)

R&W from Royal and Madison Champion!


Bosma Holsteins
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April 2, 2021


  • Direct dtr by ALTITUDE-RED (not available in EU) of Leawood Spice Girl-Red EX-93-USA 5yr.
  • Spice Girl is the H.M. Grand Champion R&W Royal '18, Grand WI State Championship Show '18,
  • 2nd 4-Yr Old World Dairy Expo 2018 (behind Lily-Red), Grand Midwest National R&W '18 and more!
  • Maternal sister to: Leawood Sassy Girl-Red VG-88-USA 2yr. - 2nd R&W Spring Yearling WDE 2019,
  • 1st place Jr. 2-Yr Old R&W North American Open Dairy Show 2021 & more!
  • 4th dam was 2nd R&W 4-Yr Old World Dairy Expo 2006
  • Same family as Deslacs Dempsey Mallya EX-93-USA 4yr. - 1st Jr. 3-yr. Victoriaville 2015
  • Family which produced many EXCELLENT offspring, All-American's and bulls for A.I.!


Leawood Spice Girl-Red EX-93-USA 5yr.
2.01 2x 305d 9.067kgM 3.9% 355F 3.4% 306P
3.05 2x 305d 11.725kgM 3.9% 469F 3.4% 404P
4.06 2x 305d 12.569kgM 4.2% 528F 3.5% 444P
  • 1st 4-Yr Old & H.M. Grand Champion R&W Royal Winter Fair 2018
  • 2nd 4-Yr Old World Dairy Expo 2018, Reserve All-Canadian Senior Cow 2018
  • Grand Champion WI State Championship Show '18, Grand Champion Midwest National Spring Show '18
  • Grand Champion & Reserve SUPREME WI State Fair R&W Show ‘18
Wide-Open Sportcenter-Red VG-85-USA 3yr.
  • Grand dtr of the All-American & 2nd 4-Yr Old WDE 2006: Richesse Stream Rmarker-Red EX-91-USA
Scientific DESTRY-ET
Wide-Open Tlnt Svetlana-Red N.C.
2.00 2x 296d 7.693kgM 3.8% 295F 3.4% 263P
  • Sister to: Wide-Open Lady In Red VG-89-USA EX-MS 6yr. - 2nd 5-Yr Old MN State Fair R&W Show 2013

Next Dams

4th Richesse Stream Rmarker-Red EX-91-USA
5th Richesse Stropoil Astre VG-87-CAN VG-88-MS 4yr.
6th Goloise Stora Jubilant VG-86-CAN 5yr. 22*
7th Goloise Suby Starbuck VG-88-CAN EX-MS 3*
8th Bertelle Superbe Valiant VG-85-CAN VG-MS 1*
9th Thayben Dinah Willow VG-86-CAN 4yr. 4*

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