The legendary family of the Ida's!

In last month's Holstein International issue was an interesting article written about the longevity and phenomenal breeding power of Butemare Veneriete Ida O VG-86-NL (s. O-Man). This extraordinary cow is the foundation cow behind the popular daughter proven sire Veneriete BOARD // +146 RZG @ RUW, Germany. To make this family extra special: four generations Ida's were photographed at Veneriete Holsteins. Including the youngest one of the four: Veneriete Ida 66 VG-88-NL - the dam to BOARD! For Jan-Anne & Jan Roetman of Veneriete Holsteins are the Ida's the perfect cows in the barn which are not to tall, very balanced and with very good feed and legs. This Dutch cow family is increasing it's fame around the globe and brings it's next topper with a All-Star daughter in Germany testing +161 RZG.

To read the article in Holstein International: CLICK HERE

4 generations Ida's (L-R): Butemare Veneriete Ida O VG-86, Veneriete Ida 6 VG-88, Veneriete Ida 33 VG-87 & Veneriete Ida 66 VG-88

Veneriete BOARD @ RUW (photo: Christine Massfeller)

Dam BOARD: Veneriete Ida 66 VG-88-NL (PEDIGREE)
2.05 305d 8.563kgM 4.3% 366F 3.7% 316P
La2 9.916kgM 4.6% 460F 3.6% 356P
Epic x Veneriete Niagra Ida 31 VG-87 x Veneriete Shottle Ida 6 VG-88 x Butemare Veneriete Ida O VG-86 x VG-87 x VG-85 x VG-85

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8267 AL
Phone: +31 (0)38 3388347
Email: venerieteholsteins@hotmail.com

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