Top TYPE heifers in the UK out of Eurogenes Embryo Sales!

The number 1 TYPE heifer in the United Kingdom: Washfold Lambda Leona 3, a Delta-Lambda daughter of DG OH Leona (s. Chops) x Golden-Oaks D Lovesong-ET GP-83-USA 2yr. x Whittier-CF Atwood Love EX-91-USA, came out of an Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale purchase! Leona 3 tops at the first spot in the UK at +3.08 TYPE MERIT far ahead of the second in the ranking: Longmoor Rubels Silk at +3.00 TM. This OH DG Rubels-Red daughter is a direct daughter of Longmoor Denver Silk EX-91-UK, sold as an embryo through the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Sale, followed by Sunview Colt 45 Sunbird VG-88-USA. This family goes back on the 'one million dollar cow' Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk *RC EX-90-USA EX-92-MS. Buy your chart- or showtopper now in the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale.

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#1 TYPE heifer: Washfold Lambda Leona 3 ET at +3.08 Type Merit (TM)

Delta-Lambda x DG OH Leona (s. Tobs) x Golden-Oaks D Lovesong-ET GP-83-USA 2yr. x Whittier-CF Atwood Love EX-91-USA

Whittier-CF Atwood Love EX-91-USA | 3rd dam to Washfold Lambda Leona 3
1-11 3x 365d 14.030kgM 3.2% 451F 3.1% 435P
3-04 3x 342d 14.256kgM 3.1% 448F 3.2% 456P

  • Former #7 TYPE cow in the breed!
  • From the Savage-Leigh Bellwood Linda Cow Family!
  • Maternal sister by Mac sold for $88,000
  • Daughters by Mcgucci, Armani & Solomon testing >3.0 PTAT (04/19)

Calbrett Shottle Lucy EX-94-USA 2E | 4th dam to Washfold Lambda Leona 3
2-00 365d 14.116kgM 4.5% 636F 3.4% 478P

  • Her Mac-daughter sold for $88,000

#2 TYPE heifer: Longmoor Rubels Silk at +3.00 Type Merit (TM)
DG OH Rubels-Red x Longmoor Denver Silk EX-91-UK x Sunview Colt 45 Sunbird VG-88-USA x Dymentholm Sunview Sunday VG-87-USA

Dymentholm Sunview Sunday VG-87-USA 2yr. | Grand dam to Longmoor Rubels Silk
2-01 2x 305d 11.885kgM 4.1% 485F 3.3% 396P

  • Full sister to Sympatico *RC @ Semex
  • Dam to SUNFISH *RC @ Masterrind
  • Former #2 GTPI *RC on Locator List

Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk *RC EX-90-USA EX-92-MS | 3rd dam to Longmoor Rubels Silk
2-02 2x 365d 13.603kgM 4.5% 613F 3.2% 435P
4-01 2x 305d 12.946kgM 4.1% 527F 3.3% 424P

  • Dam of Sympatico, Seneca and Stoic

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