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TWR Maryline VG-89-LU

(Armani x Talent x Lee)

Showy Armani dtr of RH Maxima EX-94-DE


Rising Star Holsteins
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Reg No.



August 6, 2014

Production Records

1La 305d 8.167kgM 4.3% 350F 3.8% 312P


  • 1st in class & Res. Intermediate Champion @ Luxembourg National Show '18
  • Honorable Mention 2-Yr Old @ Nuit de La Holstein '17
  • Maternal sister to FG Madame EX-92-DE, Grand Champion Schau der Besten 2017
  • Maternal sister to FG Madonna VG-87-DE 2yr. Junior Champion SDB '14 & sold to SBRO @Swiss
  • Direct daughter of the incredible RH Talent Maxima EX-94-DE!!
  • RH Maxima won multiple show titles like: Swiss Expo, DHV-Schau and more!


RH Maxima EX-94-DE EX-95-MS
2/2 305d 11.479kgM 4.2% 480F 3.4% 395P
HL2 305d 12.488kgM 4.3% 533F 3.4% 422P
  • Supreme Champion Thuringia Show 2012
  • Nom. Miss All-Germany 2012 at the Elite Auktion
  • 3-Yr. Champion Germany National Show 2009 & Sr. Champion Mature Cow Weser Ems Konvent 2010
  • Dam to the high Type bull MAXIMUS RF @ Vivax Genetics
Ladino Park TALENT
RH Meggilee EX-91
6/5 LA 305d 11.999kgM 4.3 519F 3.3% 400P
HL 4 305d 13.177kgM 4.5% 599F 3.3% 441P
  • Popular bull dam!
Comestar LEE-ET
RH Meggy VG-88-DE (s. Benefit)
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