Unlimited show potential: La Portea Admiral Celeste

La Portea Admiral Celeste, this fancy Admiral daughter convinces every body with a lot of show style and great pedigree! She is classified with VG-85-IT 2yr. and is straight out Our-Favorite Complete EX-90-USA, sired by Crush from Our-Favorite Compeling VG-88-USA. Compeling VG-88-USA is a Hang-Time daughter, dam to Our-Favorite Charisma and out of Our-Favorite Unlimited EX-94-USA. This famous Atwood daughter is dam to the TYPE sires Our-Favorite Undenied, Our-Favorite Upgrade and many more! La Portea Admiral Celeste VG-85-IT 2yr. has a great future in front of her with this amazing pedigree counting >11 generations VG or Excellent classified dams! 


Photo credits: Luca Nolli ©

La Portea Admiral Celeste VG-85-IT 2yr.
Admiral x Our-Favourite Complete EX-USA-90 (s. Crush) x Our-Favourite Compelling VG-88-USA (s. Hang-time) x Our-Favourite Unlimited EX-94-USA (s. Atwood) x  Our-Favourite Obvious EX-93-IT (s. Shottle)

  • Very promising Admiral daughter at TJR Portea with a dream pedigree!

3rd dam: Our-Favorite Unlimited EX-94-USA EX-96-MS
Atwood x Our-Favorite Obvious EX-93-USA (s. Shottle) x Our-Favorite Outburst EX-93-USA (s. Outside)
2-08 3x 303d 12.456kgM 4.5% 566F 3.2% 403P
3-08 3x 365d 14.510kgM 4.5% 653F 3.5% 510P
5-03 2x 365d 15.259kgM 4.3% 652F 3.5% 536P

  • Dam to Our-Favorite Undenied, Our-Favorite Upgrade, Our-Favorite C Limitless, Our-Favorite Unrivaled and many more!

Sister to 2nd dam: Our-Favorite Endless EX-95-USA
Doorman x Our-Favorite Unlimited EX-94-USA (s. Atwood)

Daughter to Endless: Our-Favorite Confession EX-93-USA
Millennium x Our-Favorite Endless EX-95-USA (s. Doorman) x Our-Favorite Unlimited EX-94-USA (s. Atwood)

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TJR Portea
Localita' Bocca della Valle, 1
Anzola D'ossola VB, Italy
Phone: +39 (0)33 57462025
Email: riky.bianchi@gmail.com

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