Very successful debut for Batouwe Holsteins in Hoornaar

Batouwe Holsteins participated for the first time at the Show in Hoornaar and with great success! The Young Cow R&W Championship went to their Artie-daughter: Hiddink Tulipe 434, who also named Best Udder Champion. Tulipe 434 goes back to the R&W Swiss legend: Guex Triple Tulipe EX-98-CH! Her 3rd dam was successful at the National Dutch NRM Show ’02 with winning the 2-Yr. old R&W Championship title, while her close family member: Hiddink Tulipe 15 EX-92-NL won the Grand Championship at the Dutch Nationals in 2000. Tulipe 15 won later that year the Res. R&W Championships at the European Holstein Show ’00.




Hiddink Tulipe 434-Red
(Artie-Red x Everlant x Canvas x Yava x Marty x Victor-Red x Guex Triple Tulipe family)
- R&W Young Cow Champion & Best Udder Hoornaar '17
- Outcross R&W bloodline!
- Goes back to the R&W Swiss legend: Guex Triple Tulipe EX-98
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Batouwe Holsteins - Fam. Bakker
Kerkstraat 45
Dodewaard, Netherlands
6669 DB
Phone: +31 (0)6 57627524

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