VG-87 2yr. score for Fernycleugh Cashmoney Cindere

Fernycleugh Cashmoney Cindere has been scored VG-87-UK 2yr. (87 udder) recently, she is a Cashmoney daughter out of JK Eder DG Atwood Cinderella VG-88-NL 2yr. from the Giessen Cinderella branch of the Roxy family!


Fernycleugh Cashmoney Cindere VG-87-UK 2yr. 
(Cashmoney x VG-88 2yr. Atwood x VG-87 2yr. Bolton x EX-91 Shottle)
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Her dam: JK Eder DG Atwood Cinderella VG-88-NL 2yr. 


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Aghavilly Holsteins
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Armagh, North-Ireland, United Kingdom
BT60 3DB
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