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Lot 1. DKR Barbie VG-86-FR VG-MS 2yr.


Lot 2. LB Bacardi


Lot 3. DKR Bridget VG-85-FR VG-85-MS


Lot 5. DKR Bardy *RC


Lot 6. DG Breanna *RC


Lot 7. DG Sara


Lot 8. Enya Red VG-88-FR VG-88-MS


Lot 10. DKR Eara *RC


Lot 11. DKR NH Echaly


Lot 14. Ihare


Lot 15. DKR Izzy


Lot 16. DKR Evry RedVG-86-FR VG-86-MS


Lot 17. DKR Evita Red VG-85-FR VG-86-MS


Lot 18. HH Jedi Chaymmy


Lot 19. DG Cheslay


Lot 20. Gallais Goldwyn Midnight


Lot 21. Gen-Com Bee Nohl Hiley


Lot 23. Ribble Chief Ruth


Lot 24. Ribble May Fritillary


Lot 28. DKR Starfive VG-87-FR VG-86-MS


Lot 29. DKR Birdee GP-84-FR VG-87-MS


Lot 30. DKR Superfly


Lot 31. DKR Susanna


Lot 32. DKR Bay-Gain


Lot 33. Emily


Lot 34. DG R Nisha


Lot 36. DG Tirsa


Lot 39. DG Caps Medusa


Lot 40. XR Sav Red


Lot 41. Snowbiz Lauryn GP-84-FR GP-83-MS


Lot 42. Vekis Esra P Red


Lot 43. DKR Iris


Lot 44. DKR Shira Red


Lot 45. DG CA Nanda VG-85-FR VG-85-MS


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